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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Tracktion 2.


Round out your Tracktion 2 with this Mackie product:

Big Knob

Desktop Level Control / Monitor Switcher / Talkback Box


Morris Hayes-Mackie Tracktion and the Art of the Groove

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Raw Materials - Tracktion Filters

Tracktion provides a basic set of built-in filters. Unlike third-party filters, these are tightly integrated with the user interface, and are guaranteed to be available on any other Tracktion system when you share your files with other Tracktion users. Raw Materials Tracktion Filters include:

Volume and pan
Unlike most other non-linear audio software, Tracktion doesn't have hard-wired volume and pan controls for tracks, so these are treated as filters. The advantages of this are that in a track's output, you can freely move the volume about to go before or after filters, and even have multiple volume controls at different stages in the filter signal chain.

Level meters
Rather than hard-wiring level meters into each track, level meters are implemented as filters. This means that they can be moved around to any point in the filter chain where you want to monitor the level, or multiple ones can be placed in the same track, or they can even be deleted altogether when not needed. This makes it much easier to monitor levels throughout a complex signal chain, helping you to pinpoint where signal overloads are occurring.

Tracktion provides a basic built-in sampler. Nothing very fancy about its features, but one big advantage is that when you create an archive of an edit, all the samples it needs will be automatically compressed, trimmed and exported in the archive in the same way that normal audio clips are.

The Tracktion built-in reverb is based on the open-source Freeverb, with enhancements for different sample rates.

4-band Equalizer
A very straightforward 4-band EQ. Just drag the circles around to change parameters; two of the circles are band-pass filters, one is a high-pass and the other is a low-pass.

An incredibly simple compressor, with all the parameters you'd need and expect.

A simple delay that benefits from being able to set the time based on multiples of the edit's tempo.

Your basic pitch-shifter, using a phase-vocoder technique.

Simple chorus with all the usual parameters. Your track will shimmer like sunshine on hot asphalt.

A seven-octave phaser with variable feedback, guaranteed to make ya seasick.

Low/High-pass Filter
Just a simple low/high pass cutoff filter, for times when the 4-band equalizer would be overkill.

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