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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Tracktion 2.


Round out your Tracktion 2 with this Mackie product:

Big Knob

Desktop Level Control / Monitor Switcher / Talkback Box


Morris Hayes-Mackie Tracktion and the Art of the Groove

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mda (Maxim Digital Audio)

JX10 - Simple 2-Oscillator Analog Synthesizer
Designed for high quality, (lower aliasing than most soft synths) and low processor usage, JX10 concentrates its power on great sounds and PWM effects—without the CPU-bogging fluff!

DX10 - Simple FM Synthesizer
Gets the sounds of Yamaha DX synths, including the heavy bass but with a warmer, cleaner tone. DX10 is 8-voice polyphonic, and is designed for high quality (low aliasing) and low processor usage.

Piano - Acoustic Piano Instrument
Nobody will mistake Piano for a Steinway, but its full of great, workable piano tones. Piano boasts extremely low CPU and memory usage.

Multi-band distortion VST
This plug is like MultiBand but uses three bands of clipping instead of compression. This is unlikely to be a plug you use every day, but when you want to recreate the sound of torn bass-bins you know where to go.

BeatBox - Drum replacer / enhancer
Contains three samples (kick, snare and hat) designed to be triggered by incoming audio in three frequency ranges. The has built-in drum sounds based on the Roland CR-78 but these can be replaced by the (advanced) user.

Combo - Amp and speaker simulator

De-ess - Reduce excessive sibilants (/s/ /t/ /sh/ etc.) in vocals and speech

ThruZero Delay - Simple stereo delay

Detune - Stereo pitch shifter

ThruZero Dither - Range of dither types for word-length reduction
Word Length Output 8 - 24 bits.

DubDelay - Simple delay with feedback saturation and delay time modulation

DX10 - Simple FM Synthesizer

Envelope - Envelope follower and VCA

Image - Stereo image adjuster and MS matrix
Allows the level and pan of mono and stereo components to be adjusted separately, or components to be separated for individual processing before recombining with a second image.

Leslie - Rotary speaker simulator

Limiter - Simple "opto-electronic" limiter

Loudness - Equal loudness contours Loudness Source level relative to listening level (based on 100 dB)
Example uses: If a mix was made with a very low or very high monitoring level, the amount of bass can sound wrong at a normal monitoring level. Use Loudness to adjust the bass content.

Multi-Band Compressor - 3-band soft-knee compressor with switchable M or S component processing
As well as just "squashing everything" this can be used to "overcook" the mid-frequencies while leaving the low end unprocessed, enhancing playback over small speakers without affecting the overall sound too much.

Overdrive - Simple distortion

Piano - Acoustic Piano Instrument

Re-Psycho! - Event-based pitch shifter
Chops audio into individual beats and shifts each beat downwards in pitch. Only allowing downwards shifts helps keep timing very tight — depending on complexity, whole rhythm sections can be shifted!

RezFilter - Resonant Filter
VCF with LFO and EG.

RingMod - Ring Modulator
Simple ring modulator with sine-wave oscillator.

Round Panner - Simple 3D autopan

Shepard Tone Generator - Continuously rising or falling pitch

Splitter - 2-way signal splitter

SubSynth - Sub Bass Synthesizer
More bass than you could ever need!

Test-Tone Generator - Generates test tones for calibration purposes

Thru-Zero Flanger - Tape flanger and ADT
This plug simulates tape-flanging, where two copies of a signal cancel out completely as the tapes pass each other. It can also be used for other "modulated delay" effects such as phasing and simple chorusing.

Tracker - Pitch Tracker
This tracks the frequency of the input signal with an oscillator, ring modulator or filter. The pitch tracking only works with monophonic inputs, but can create interesting effects on unpitched sounds such as drums.

VocInput - Vocoder carrier signal
This produces a voice-like signal on the right channel to be used as a carrier signal with vocoder and other vocoder. The input signal passes through on the left channel.

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