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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Tracktion 2.


Round out your Tracktion 2 with this Mackie product:

Big Knob

Desktop Level Control / Monitor Switcher / Talkback Box


Morris Hayes-Mackie Tracktion and the Art of the Groove

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LinPlug - RM IV

The RM IV is a fully professional, highly-flexible, easy-to-use, fourth-generation virtual drum machine designed for creating music on your personal computer. The RM IV combines analog-style percussion synthesis with a fully-featured percussion sampler.

The RM IV's key features include 18 velocity-sensitive Drum Pads, each which can be used to trigger any one of a range of high quality audio generator modules (a selection of percussion synthesis modules and a sophisticated percussion sampler module), an AHDSR-controlled multi-mode filter, a fully-featured Compressor designed specifically for percussion sounds, a flexible "Varizer" and two effects processors (Distortion and BitCrusher) all of which can be set on a per-Pad basis. The RM IV also features a 6 x 6 Modulation Matrix, 32-voice polyphony (selectable per Pad), as well as separate Volume, Output, Tune, Pan, Choke, Mute and Solo controls for each Pad.

The RM IV's 10 Synthesis modules offer enormous creative potential and can create anything from classic analog drum sounds to cutting edge synths.


  • 18 polyphonic Drum Pads, up to 32-voice polyphony (selectable per Drum Pad)
  • Freely assignable output configuration up to 18 stereo or mono outputs
  • Multiple instances of the instrument can be opened
  • Audio Generator modules include an extensive selection of percussion synthesis modules and a sophisticated percussion sampler module
  • Waveform Display which shows the Waveform of samples, the effect of the Pitch Envelope, the Amplitude and the Filter Envelope
  • 2 different Kick drum modules, 2 different Snare drum modules, Open and Closed HiHat module, Tom module, Clap module, 2 Cymbal modules and a FM Percussion module
  • For each Drum Pad the user has access to a multi-mode AHDSR-controlled filter, a Compressor with controls for Ratio, Threshold and Release, a "Varizer" with controls for Style, Precision and Spectrum, a 6 x 6 Modulation Matrix and two separate effects processors (Distortion and BitCrusher)
  • Supported sample formats include 8/32-bit WAV, AIF Samples with 8/24-bit resolution and the 32-bit float WAV format, all these formats in mono and stereo and with any sample rate
  • All Parameters are MIDI controllable and can be automated
  • Controller hardware settings can be saved and restored
  • Internal 32/64-bit processing

LinPlug - FreeAlpha

The FreeAlpha synthesizer is a mono-timbral, 24 note-polyphonic analogue-style synthesizer with some extraordinary features. The synthesizer is based upon a classic subtractive design and includes two oscillator modules, a filter module, envelope and LFO modules, a chorus effect module and a unique, easy-to-use and powerful Modulation Matrix.

The structure of the Alpha synthesizer can be divided into six sections: Oscillator, Filter, Chorus, Envelope, Modulation (LFOs and Matrix) and Master. Audio signals are generated by an oscillator that gets pitch information from the synthesizer's MIDI input. The MIDI input is automatically connected to MIDI output of the host software. FreeAlpha receives MIDI on all channels simultaneously.

FreeAlpha contains two oscillators. Each oscillator's pitch, amplitude and symmetry can be modulated using the Modulation Matrix. The output of both oscillators is routed to the Filter section. The filter modifies the harmonic spectrum of the oscillator's output and has its own dedicated envelope for controlling the filter cutoff parameter. The output of the Filter section is then sent to the Chorus section. The audio outputs of the Alpha are automatically connected to the input of your host software's mixer. Here you can set the pan position of FreeAlpha's output.

At various points throughout the signal path you can modulate the signal using either envelopes, LFOs or MIDI controllers. FreeAlpha contains two independent envelopes and one LFO that can be routed to any available modulation destination.


  • Up-to-12-note polyphonic VST2.0 plug-in software synthesizer (CPU dependent) for Mac and PC
  • Unlimited number of presets (direct from disk)
  • 2 oscillators with each from 30 different waveforms; pitch, amplitude and symmetry modulation from LFO, Envelope or MIDI
  • Fat and rich-sounding Multimode filter; cutoff and resonance modulation from LFO, Envelope and MIDI
  • 2 separate ADSFR envelopes for amplitude and cutoff, time ranges from super-fast 1 millisecond up to a full 10 seconds
  • LFO with 6 waveforms, variable attack, variable temp sync
  • Modulation matrix with 4 free assignable slots, 15 sources, 12 destinations
  • Adjustable Warmth (Precision)
  • Mono & polyphonic portamento/glide with Normal, Held and Auto-Bend mode
  • Adjustable voice limit down to monophony
  • Fully recognized velocity and aftertouch (mono and poly) and several controllers
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