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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Tracktion 2.


Round out your Tracktion 2 with this Mackie product:

Big Knob

Desktop Level Control / Monitor Switcher / Talkback Box


Morris Hayes-Mackie Tracktion and the Art of the Groove

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IK Multimedia - AmpliTube LE

AmpliTube™ LE is the 'lite' version of the industry-standard IK Multimedia's AmpliTube guitar rig emulation. AmpliTube LE includes a selection of one of the most critically acclaimed guitar amp and effects modeling software ever made. AmpliTube LE allows musicians to create a vast array of powerful amp sounds on the road and without a heavy amp set up. From lush, warm vintage tones to cutting-edge sonic dynamos, AmpliTube LE puts the power of a half-stack on a musician's desktop.

AmpliTube LE allows you to combine three different Pre-Amp models and related EQs with three accurately emulated cabinets to precisely craft a wide palette of guitar sounds ranging from clean to crunch to lead. A selected set of four classic effects are onboard, including Spring Reverb and three stomp-like effects including Wah-Wah, Delay and Overdrive, all modeled on acclaimed classic guitar effects.To make AmpliTube LE a total solution for guitarists, a chromatic tuner is built in to make it easy for players to stay in tune under any condition.


Guitar Amp & FX Modeling Software

  • 3 Amps, 3 EQs, and 3 Cabinets
  • 4 classic effects, including Wah, Reverb, Delay, and Overdrive
  • Built-in Tuner
  • 66 presets
  • MIDI foot controllable
Amp Module
3 amps models:
  • Clean
  • Crunch
  • Lead
3 cabinets models:
  • Open back 1x12"
  • British 2x12"
  • Vintage Closed 4x12"

Spring reverb

Stomp Module with 3 Stomp effects models:

  • Wah-Wah
  • Delay
  • Overdrive

IK Multimedia - SampleTank 2 SE

SampleTank® is a polyphonic, multi-timbral, sample-workstation with multi-effects units and proprietary sound banks, all combined together into a unique instrument. SampleTank uses samples as oscillator waveforms but the synth engine is much more flexible than conventional hardware samplers. This makes SampleTank® more like a complex workstation than a traditional sampler, with 32-bit floating-point processing of superior quality.

No other hardware or software synth/sampler lets you browse through hundreds of the highest-quality natural and synthesized sounds, of the widest range, with one click, select them in a flash, and have them ready for you to play in a fraction of the usual time. Tons of professional high-quality sounds are included with the software, and as such are immediately at your disposal.

SampleTank SE is the ultimate sample workstation. For the first time in a sample-based instrument, three synth engines can be switched on the fly to provide more sound flexibility than ever before: traditional Resampling (the conventional method of playback most samplers use), Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch and the all new STRETCH™ engine.

STRETCH (Sampletank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology) gives complete sonic control over the tempo, pitch and harmonics of samples. No more "chipmunk sounding" transposition, no more loops and phrases out of sync, no more limitations in musical expression.


  • 16 parts multi-timbral sound workstation with layerable parts
  • 3 synth engines: new STRETCH, Pitch-shift/Time-stretch, Resampling
  • 32 built-in DSP effects, 5 effects per part
  • Loop sync and time/ pitch manipulation

We even bagged 250MB of samples and loops from IK Multimedia's collection for instant, blow-the-roof-off satisfaction. Read 'em and weep:

ChapStick Bass
JBass2 Bass
Round bass Bass
Pbass fingered Bass
P Bass Picked Bass
JBass Fingered Bass
Double Bass Bass
Fretless Jbass F Bass
Sine Bass Synth
Sine Bass Synth
Brass Ld Synth
HP Razor Synth
HPF Lead 1 Synth
Lo-rez HPF Sweep Pad Synth
Sweep LPF Pad 1 Synth
Very Verby Synth
Dist Bass Synth
Piano FX Synth
Male Choir 1 Orchestral
Female Choir 1 Orchestral
Hip Hop 1 Drum Kits
800 Series 1 Drum Kits
Trance 1 Drum Kits
British Drum Kits
Studio Natural Drum Kits
Ensemble strings Strings
Full Brass Section Brass
French horn Brass
Trumpet solo Brass
Tenor sax Brass
TP+Tn section Brass
Alto Sax Brass
Muted Trumpet Brass
Clarinet Woodwind
Oboe Woodwind
Flute Woodwind
Bassoon Woodwind
Acoustic Grand 2 Piano
Pop Piano Piano
HQ MnM Piano Piano
Electric Grand CP Piano
Nylon Acoustic Guitar
Sixstring acoustic Acoustic Guitar
Wonderful Guitar Acoustic Guitar
Picked Acoustic Guitar
60s Amp Organ Organ
B-3 Organ Vib 2 Organ
Large Cathedral Organ Organ
Small Rotary 1 Organ
Perc B3 Organ Organ
B-3 Organ 1 Organ
Clean STR Electric Guitars
Crunch LP 1 Electric Guitars
Lead STR Electric Guitars
Stereo Clean STR Electric Guitars
Heavy Metal Electric Guitars
Tambourine Percussion/Ethnic
Baglamas Percussion/Ethnic
Bandoneon Percussion/Ethnic
Congas 1 Percussion/Ethnic
Vibratone Percussion/Ethnic
Djembe Percussion/Ethnic
Udu Drum Percussion/Ethnic
Ocarina Percussion/Ethnic
Shakers 1 Percussion/Ethnic

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