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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for SWA1801.


The transducer used in the SWA1801 system features a 4-inch, inside/outside wound voice coil that offers extreme power handling capabilities.The magnetic assembly used features advancements in coil venting, composite polyimide former construction and structural cooling that provides lower temperature rise and substantially improved power compression characteristics.

The amplifier module found in the SWA1801 cabinet is an example of application specific amplifier design that can be exercised when designing active speaker systems. The system uses a proprietary high efficiency, high current amplifier module designed to provide high current levels at all levels of operation. Having access to high current levels, no matter what the power output, is absolutely critical in achieving precise, total control of the woofer mass. This control is responsible for lowering audible distortion artifacts and providing aggressive attack through the operating band pass of the system. The amplifier module is mounted on a large, finned aluminum heat sink. The amplifier system is rated at 800 watts RMS of continuous output and 1000 watts peak output.

The SWA1801 features a sophisticated on-board control system allowing for flexible integration with active or passive full range or mid/high speaker systems. The input panel accepts line level input signal and has LOOP OUT connectors for signal routing to other devices. It also has HIGH PASS out connectors for connection to active full range speakers or amplifiers powering passive full range speakers. All signal routing is through XLR connectors in L+R stereo or mono. There is a phase selection switch and a recessed level control. The system features thermal protection for the power supply and amplifier module and also incorporates RMS limiting protection for the amplifier stage that limits the amount of long term power deliver to the transducer.

The cabinet is constructed using 15mm thick multi-layered birch plywood and finished in black splatter paint. There is one handle on each side for efficient loading and transport as well as a female pole mount fixture.

High Resolution Audio Reproduction

The SWA1801 does not behave like a typical 18" subwoofer manufactured by so many other companies. It has been designed using our belief that live audio subwoofers should focus on the character of the "attack" the device has. We have also focused our energies on the design of double horn loaded chambers to achieve a significant increase in output and lower distortion characteristics which lead to high resolution performance.

On-Board Active Electronics with Flexible Rear Panel Controls and I/O

A flexible input panel provides both stereo and mono signal input and output capabilities. There are High Pass outputs that are work above the operating band pass of the subwoofer cabinet. The panel also features four function LEDs that provide POWER ON, LIMIT, SIGNAL PRESENT and THERMAL condition indication. You can also control the level and phase of the system using recessed controls.

The low frequency amplifier is a unique switch mode hybrid topology that has been extremely successful as used in the SRS1500 active subwoofer. As used in the SWA1801, it provides 800 watts of continuous output with over 1000-watt peaks. More importantly the design delivers over 90% efficiency resulting in very little power being dissipated thermally through the heatsink.

Active doesn't mean it has an amplifier bolted on the back, it means seamless integration of optimized electronics that provide complete control and maximum performance. The on-board control system provides crossover filters, equalization, protection for speaker components and electronics as well as real time active vigilance over the operating parameters of the system.


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