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Notice: This product has been replaced by the SWA1501 and is now discontinued. The information here is for reference only.

SRS1500 Active Subwoofer

If you think it takes a big enclosure to generate lots of bass, think again. There has never - repeat NEVER - been an SR subwoofer like the SRS1500 before. While under two feet high, it can put out more bass than sofa-sized 18-inch passive subwoofers. Up to 127dB of tight, floor-shaking, chest- thumping, hair-parting bass, flat all the way down to 40Hz.

High 127dB SPL
600 watts RMS of FR Series™ high current amplification
15"cast frame RCF LF transducer with 3"inside/outside-wound, high-temperature voice coil & High Flux magnetic circuit
Built-in electronic stereo/mono high pass crossover network
Recessed level control and 0°-180° phase switch
Can be used with active or passive speaker systems

Compact, portable enclosure with ultra-small footprint for unobtrusive, strategic placement

18-ply Baltic Birch enclosure with built-in pole mount (pole hole?)

Use only as directed.

Naturally, the SRS1500 perfectly complements our active SRM450s (which aren't bass-shy on their own).

But you can also use the SRS1500 to add some cojones to your existing passive PA system. For far less than the cost of a clunky passive subwoofer, extra power amp, and electronic crossover, you can add massive bottom-end to typical 3-way 12-inch and 15-inch cabinets. It's strictly "plug and play." Just run a full-range line-level input to the SRS1500 and its internal electronics (not to mention 600 watts RMS of FR Series power) do the rest.

Because of its astounding size-to-output ratio, the SRS1500 is easy to transport and can be inconspicuously integrated into permanent installations such as clubs and churches.

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