Electronic Time Correction for Simultaneous Sound Arrival and Correct Phasing.

To understand why onboard Time Correction is important, one need only consider the basic physics involved in typical 2-way loudspeakers. In this type of loudspeaker, the compression driver that actually reproduces mid- and high-frequencies is located deep inside the speaker enclosure. Once sound is produced, it must travel from the compression driver through the horn to the listener. On the other hand, the LF driver (i.e. the "woofer") is much closer to the front of the speaker.

The result, put simply, is that bass arrives at listeners' ears sooner than treble. To solve this, you need a way of correctly timing the arrival of electrical impulses at each kind of transducer. In other words, the compression driver needs a "head start" over the LF transducer so the differences in sound generation speed can be accounted for, and both sound signals arrive at the listeners' ears simultaneously.

Some passive speaker systems use a coil (and/or capacitor) in an attempt to delay the signal. But this can degrade the signal.

In contrast, sophisticated electronics inside the SRM450 allow precise alignment among the system components without any audio signal degradation. This is especially important as distance from the loudspeaker decreases; the closer you get to the loudspeaker, the greater effect Time Correction has on the quality of sound, and your fans deserve the best, right?

In the SRM450, additional time correction accuracy is achieved via separate Linkwitz-Reilly 24dB-per-octave crossover circuits for the woofer and HF driver. This same electronic system also helps combat phasing problems.

So what's in it for you? Glad you asked. When the signal you hear is completely in phase, you get imaging, depth of field and real definition. When it's not in phase, you get inconsistent sound with lots of muddy artifacts that change the listening experience as you walk around the room.

So the result of the SRM450s onboard electronic Time Correction is audibly clearer sound that stays consistent over more of your room.