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Three-Way Sound Quality at Two-Way Prices

Say hello to the Mackie SR1530z — a high-efficiency, extreme output, horn-loaded, 3-way, wide-dispersion, Active sound reinforcement system. The one-piece 90° x 40° horn, which includes both the mid- and high-frequency sections in Mackie's Optimized Wavefront™ system, fires the HF content slightly down into the midrange dispersion pattern. This creates a focused, single wavefront with excellent coverage, phase and power response characteristics.

Couple this with Mackie onboard Active electronics, featuring our FR (fast recovery) amplifiers, time- and phase-correction crossover, and tuned wooden enclosure, and you've got one formidable loudspeaker system.

Low-Anxiety Design
Tri-amplified systems always sound better than passive speakers driven by a single power amp. But few of us can spend the extra money on electronic crossovers and extra power amps. Not to mention all the extra hassle and setup. Our Active electronics take all the guesswork out of system configuration and hookup. Just plug in the power cable and the signal line from your board or snake — we've already done the rest for you. No need for racks of amps and processing gear when you've got Mackie Active Loudspeakers. And the built-in Active crossover sends the optimal signal to each of the internal amplifiers, which were custom designed for their respective transducers. Which brings us to amps...

Five Hundred Watts You'll Swear Is A Thousand
The SR1530z's built-in 300- and dual 100-watt power amps are pretty impressive all by themselves. But to get the same output from a typical passive system as the SR1530z, you'd have to use far more power. That's because the amps in our Active speakers are directly coupled to their transducers and were specifically designed to squeeze out every drop of power. Our competition simply can't touch this level of efficiency, sound quality, and performance in this class of loudspeakers.

Cool... Running, That Is.
We know these amps get cranked to the max (come on, admit it, you like it loud!) they never lose their cool. Our high-current amplifier modules sit atop a massive aluminum heatsink that totally eliminates the need for fans. Another tremendous benefit of having these amplifiers located within the loudspeaker cabinet is that the SR1530z functions as a complete system, optimizing acoustic, electronic, and mechanical designs to achieve the highest level of performance and value.

If You Want To Sound Good, Get Wood
For extreme output applications, molded speaker cabinets just can't keep up. That's why the SRz Series loudspeakers are constructed with extremely resonant 18mm Baltic Birch ply. Wood of this quality sings at high volumes, delivering crisp, even tone at volumes that would pulverize the competition's rat-fur covered particle board shoeboxes.

The Rear Panel
The rear mounted amplifier assembly features separate signal and AC power panels separated by the heatsink. The signal input panel contains:

  • Input XLR and loop-through XLR
  • Volume level control
  • Power ON indicator
  • Signal Present indicator
  • Limit indicator
  • Thermal Protection indicator

Three-Way Amplified, with 300W RMS low-frequency, 100W RMS mid-frequency and 100W high-frequency amplifiers
Built-in Active circuitry provides precision crossover, electronic time correction, phase alignment and equalization
Patented WaveFront™ horn design provides wide dispersion and very natural sound
44mm (1.75") titanium dome compression driver with optimized symmetric phase plug
152mm (6") horn-loaded, high-output mid-range transducer
381mm (15") LF woofer with high-temperature voice coil
Wide-dispersion, ultra-low distortion, high frequency horn design
126 dB SPL @ 1kHz / 1 meter
Frequency Response: 38Hz to 20kHz
Complete electronic and component protection circuitry
Weight balanced with carrying handles for easy portability

SR1530z Coverage Pattern


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