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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Spike.


A Complete Desktop Audio Recording & MIDI Production Solution.

Recording music on a computer is incredibly easy with Spike, a complete digital recording solution from Mackie for your Mac or PC. The Spike system consists of the XD-2 24-bit 96kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface featuring clean, high-headroom Mackie mic preamps and onboard SHARC® dynamics processing. Easy-to-use Tracktion 2 Music Production Software features unlimited track count and VST plug-in support, plus a full suite of Mackie mixing and mastering tools. Quite simply, Spike is the easiest open-ended system for computer music production.

The XD-2 is a two-channel, mic/line/instrument USB audio and MIDI interface with 24-bit, 96kHz resolution, high-quality internal effects for tracking and monitoring, and support for ASIO 2.0, WDM and OS X Core Audio. Although it occupies very little desktop real estate, the XD-2 offers great sound, channel dynamics and EQ for tracking and monitoring—and comes with all the software needed to start recording straight from the box. Since the XD-2 has its own onboard SHARC (Super Harvard ARChitecture) processor, low-latency monitoring and dynamics processing can be controlled via the intuitive on-screen graphic display.

Tracktion 2 is an intuitive audio recording and MIDI production software based around a refreshingly simple user interface, thoughtful features… and personality! Tracktion 2 integrates all the major features of a professional digital audio workstation into a simple working environment that gets all the technical stuff out of the way, allowing you to focus on making music. And with full VST plug-in support, you can use all your favorite plug-ins from other applications. Read more...

Spike gives you several ways to tap into high-quality effects. For starters, the XD-2's onboard DSP provides channel dynamics and EQ for tracking and mixdown, plus low-latency monitoring with zero drain on the host computer's CPU. The bundled Tracktion 2 software comes with a great assortment of powerful plug-ins like Reverb, Chorus, Delay, EQ, Compressor, and Phaser.

Spike also includes a full suite of powerful Mackie mixing and mastering tools that can take your project from initial concept to finished CD. The included software bundle contains: Mackie's Final Mix CD Mastering Plug-in, the Mackie Dynamics Suite, and Maxim Digital Audio's (MDA) virtual instruments and plug-ins.

Spike is the perfect solution for home and project studios, live performance, and any other situation where high quality 24-bit/96kHz digital recording is a must. The ultra-cool XD-2's slim and robust all-metal design takes up minimal desktop space and its unique "swivel-foot" collapses for transport in your laptop bag!

A typical recording example: use Tracktion's built-in sampler to lay down a drum groove; plug your guitar into the XD-2, add a little SHARC compression, and record a rhythm track; MIDI up some keyboards; go to the bass player's house for an overdub; return home, record the vocal track, guitar solo and mixdown via Tracktion to CD. It's that easy with Spike and Tracktion!


Digital Performer
Final Cut
Logic Express
Logic Pro

...and more!

Complete hardware/software recording system for Mac/PC
2-channel 24-bit/96kHz USB audio and MIDI interface
Includes accliamed Mackie Tracktion Music Production Software with Mackie mixing and mastering tools
MIDI input and output for connecting Mackie Control or other MIDI devices
S/PDIF input and output for connecting DAT and DVD/CD devices
Onboard SHARC chip for full channel dynamics & EQ with intuitive computer-based control—all without a drain on the host computer
Low-latency monitoring with effects
DSP available for mixdown
Easily fits in a laptop bag with unique, "swivel foot" design
Windows XP & Mac OS X
ASIO 2.0, WDM, and OS X Core Audio


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