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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for S410s.


Accurate, Touring-Quality Bass Reproduction

Ask any bass player and they'll tell you 10" speakers offer quicker attack (transient) response than a single 15" or 18". In our never-ending quest for the ultimate subwoofer, we turned to the gurus at Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), who were highly instrumental in the design of our new S400 Series loudspeakers. This new design philosophy, which employs multiple smaller drivers versus a single 15" or 18", is carried forward in the S400 Series subwoofer. We replaced the single 18" found in most small venue sub cabinets with four 10" transducers, creating the Mackie S410s Subwoofer—the perfect companion to our S408 full-range loudspeaker. This new configuration translates into a punchy, tighter bass pattern, and lots of it!

Let's look at a typical subwoofer; the 18" speaker offers extremely slow transient response, and requires a massive amount of power to get the job done. We threw out the 18" speaker in favor of four 10" drivers, which provide substantially more surface area than the 18-incher, creating ample punch and tight, more focused low-end. And four 10" speakers are much more efficient. More surface area = more air movement = more thump!

Another great feature within the S410s is the state-of-the-art 180Hz low pass filter. This eliminates the need for an external crossover* when the S410s Precision Passive Subwoofer is used in conjunction with the S408 Precision Passive 2-Way Loudspeaker. Just connect a power amp via the Speakon™ jack on the rear of the S410s. Then connect the S408 to the remaining jack and voilá, you now have a superior passive 3-way system.

*Although an external crossover is not necessary, using one would mean better system efficiency.

Due to its extremely efficient design, the S410s can be driven by even the smallest of power amplifiers. But to showcase its full potential, strap-on your beefiest amp (maybe one of our new M-Series High-Efficiency Power Amps) and climb to a new level of sound quality and professional capability. Pair the S410s with the S408 and prepare to succumb to musical bliss!

The S410s Precision Passive Subwoofer, and its companion, the S408 are each constructed of solid 18mm Baltic Birch plywood and coated with wear-resistant, textured black PVC vinyl paint. These cabinets are built to stand up to rugged use while maintaining their stunning appearance. Side-mounted, balance-optimized handles make them easy to transport.

Precision Passive Subwoofer enclosure featuring touring-quality sound in a club-sized package
Unique 4 x 10" LF driver configuration offers enhanced transient response vs. single 18" configuration
Stackable design with recessed footholds allows for S408 atop a sub or two S410s stacked for a powerful long-throw sub-stack
Top Hat pole receptacle for use with S408
Portable with 2 balance-optimized side mounted handles
Dual, parallel, locking NL4 connections for Input and Thru on rear panel
Sensitivity: 96dB SPL (1W/1m)
750W RMS power handling at 8 Ohms; 3000W peak
Integrated 180Hz low pass filter
Frequency Response: 40Hz-400Hz


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