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Top-flight sound companies provide high-output, high-quality sound to large audiences all over the world, on a daily basis. They have to—or they're out of business. That's why they employ experts to design and tune their systems and use arrayable cabinets loaded with multiple drivers. Systems that feature large, wide-dispersion horns, and subwoofer stacks—all configured to match the requirements of each venue.

At Mackie we believe that smaller venues, including clubs and houses of worship, also deserve high-quality, affordable sound. That's why we collaborated with the loudspeaker design gurus at EAW and came up with a solution—the Mackie S400 Series Precision Passive Loudspeakers with Tetrad Driver Alignment Technology.

Compare the coverage pattern of our S408 with a "garden-variety" two-way 15" speaker system at left. The 15" system breaks down on the outer edges of its coverage pattern, due to unmatched dispersion characteristics of the 15" transducer and horn plus the difficult crossover point between a large 15" driver and a small horn. This tends to "muddy" the overall sound, even for those directly in front of the speaker. The Mackie S408 projects consistent, focused, high-quality sound to its very limits, providing clearer, more accurate sound to the entire audience—even when used in highly reverberant spaces, like churches, gymnasiums and banquet halls. Tetrad Technology brings superior sound to more of your audience.

The S410s Precision Passive Subwoofer

The S408 full-range enclosure is designed to integrate perfectly with the S410s subwoofer. While most compact and portable subwoofers use either a single 15" or 18" driver and a folded-horn design to maximize bass, the S410s has four 10" drivers per cabinet, providing much tighter bass response, greater power handling, and far more punch—all the way down to 40Hz. Read more...


  • 4 x 8" LF drivers in unique Tetrad alignment offer wide low-frequency dispersion and enhanced transient response
  • 1" exit HF driver on an oversized 75 x 40° horn provides superb coverage and high-frequency definition; 2 vertically arrayed enclosures provide 150° coverage
  • Pole mountable on commercially available speaker stands
  • Symmetrical Trapezoidal design allows for monitor wedge applications
  • Stackable atop S410s Precision Passive Subwoofer
  • Flyable both horizontally and vertically via 12 integrated 3/8" threaded inserts
  • Portable with 4 balance-optimized top and side-mounted handles
  • Dual parallel, locking NL4 connections for Input and Thru on rear panel
  • Thermal Overload HF driver protection
  • Sensitivity: 99dB SPL (1W/1m)
  • 600W RMS power handling at 8 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-22kHz
    Download the Owner's Manual (PDF, 964KB)

  • Precision Passive Subwoofer enclosure featuring touring-quality sound in a club-sized package
  • Unique 4 x 10" LF driver configuration offers enhanced transient response vs. single 18" configuration
  • Stackable design with recessed footholds allows for S408 atop a sub or two S410s stacked for a powerful long-throw sub-stack
  • Top Hat pole receptacle for use with S408
  • Portable with 2 balance-optimized side mounted handles
  • Dual, parallel, locking NL4 connections for Input and Thru on rear panel
  • Sensitivity: 96dB SPL (1W/1m)
  • 750W RMS power handling at 8 Ohms; 3000W peak
  • Integrated 180Hz low pass filter
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-400Hz
    Download the Owner's Manual (PDF, 558KB)

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