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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for QUAD Comp/Gate.


Powerful Compression and Gating

The Mackie QUAD Comp/Gate is a state-of-the-art four-channel rackmount digital compressor/gate designed for world-class sound. Its compression/limiting and gating/expansion algorithms were written by the digital gurus at Acuma Labs to provide a very wide range of high-quality, instantly usable settings. With 99 user definable snapshots for calling up, say, a favorite bass or vocal compression sound, the QUAD Comp/Gate makes it much easier to get consistently fast, great-sounding mixes than with analog compressor/gates.

The QUAD Comp/Gate offers more parameters with wider ranges than most stand alone analog processors, providing the absolute control to Compress or Gate signals for any application, from a snare drum to a broadcast announcer. Use the compressor for compression or limiting; it also provides threshold, ratio, attack, release, make-up gain, soft knee curve, and auto attack and release. The gate can be used as a noise gate or expander with threshold, ratio, attack, release, hold time, and a range control.

But it doesn't stop there. The QUAD Comp/Gate's built-in Key Filtering function provides independent gating and compression detection, based on adjustable EQ filters that let you target problem frequencies quickly and accurately. There is also a Key Listen function so you can listen to the audio in the key filter path. A Side Chain input allows for triggering the compression/gating using external signals. And the QUAD Comp/Gate's "Auto" feature senses input transients to automatically adjust attack and release times—eliminating the "pumping" effect associated with compression triggering. Read more.

Of course, none of these bells and whistles would matter for sound engineers if the QUAD Comp/Gate wasn't amazingly fast and easy to use. So the front panel is intuitively laid out with ultra-bright 12-segment metering, multi-color backlit buttons and nine backlit push-button knobs with LED collars to indicate settings from a mile away. You simply press the channel(s) you wish to process and adjust the knobs accordingly. Channels can be operated independently or stereo-linked with a single button press, making global FOH limiting adjustments fast and convenient. For maximum flexibility, the QUAD Comp/Gate's rear panel includes both 1/4" TRS and XLR connections, TRS Side Chain send and return, and a "Planet Earth" power supply, which operates on voltages between 100 and 240v.

4 channels of 24-bit digital compression/limiting and gate/expansion
Custom algorithms developed by Acuma Labs
Individual gain reduction and output metering per channel
Individual Key Filtering per comp and gate channels
99 snapshots for instant storage and recall of settings
Stereo Linking of channels A and B, C and D
Intuitive, easy to use front panel
Professional input/output connections (XLR & TRS)
Additional external side chain connections
"Planet Earth" Power Supply (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)


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