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HDR24/96 Hard Disk Recorder Discontinued

The Mackie HDR24/96 Hard Disk Recorder and all HDR accessories have been officially discontinued. This information is for your reference and we will continue to provide technical support for all registered HDR24/96 owners for the duration of your warranty period.

We remain committed, however, to the hard disk recording market. As such, we are currently researching and developing new innovative Mackie hard disk recording products. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months. Click here to receive email updates as plans develop.

24 Channel Digital I/O Accessory for the HDR24/96

You asked for it…and we listened. The OPT•24 for the Mackie HDR24/96 Recorder/Editor is the latest addition to the Mackie Tape I/O card family. Unlike the other 8-channel Mackie Tape I/O cards, the OPT•24 provides 24 channels of ADAT™ formatted digital audio in and out of the Mackie HDR24/96 via three sets of TOSlink optical connectors. Because of it's unique feature set and design, the OPT•24 is not used in the standard Tape I/O card cage - it is installed in one of the vacant PCI slots inside the HDR24/96 and provides a permanent 24 channel digital I/O platform that can be used in tandem with whatever other Tape I/O cards may be installed - which means the customer now has the ability to interface optical and analog/AES formatted signal together without purchasing and swapping I/O cards.

The OPT•24 is primarily designed for those who need to use multiple I/O formats and don't want to suffer the time and effort to swap cards in and out. Because the OPT•24 installs into one of the PCI slots adjacent to the Tape I/O card cage, it can be used in tandem with whatever other I/O flavors you want to use. The OPT•24 furthers the applicability of the HDR24/96 as a live recorder for those customers looking to record with analog inputs BUT mix down digitally. Also, OPT•24 allows the HDR24/96 to become an analog tape archive machine - dub your old analog reels down to a hard drive and start mixing digitally. Because the selection of I/O format can be done right in the software, all the ins and outs can be hooked up all the time - and switched back and forth at will. The OPT•24 represents Mackie's ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality, feature-rich products….that just keep getting better and better. Also works with the Mackie MDR24/96.

 - 24 channels of ADAT™ optical I/O
  • Interface easily to any digital mixing console or DAW
  • One card does it all - no need to buy three cards anymore
  • Great for dubbing ADATs or other optical-capable devices
- Simultaneous analog & digital I/O
  • Record live and mix digital - without swapping cards
  • Great for facilities that utilize multiple I/O formats
  • Hook up to an analog console and a DAW - together - at once
  • Dubbing off reel-to-reel machines and mixing digitally

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