Released in 1996, the Mackie HR824 High Resolution Studio Monitor redefined what the marketplace looks for in a studio reference monitor. One of the most loved and trusted near-field monitors of all time, the HR824 was found in countless professional studios—thanks to its clarity, broad stereo imaging, ruler-flat response, and extended low-frequency range versus other studio monitors. With such astonishing sound quality, there is little wonder why the HR824 was approved for THX compliance on its initial trial. We soon followed our HR824 with the HR624 6-inch High-Resolution Studio Monitor and the HR626 Dual 6-inch High-Resolution Studio Monitor, which were met with the same enthusiasm and success as the original.

It was through our innovation, and commitment to great sound, that we managed to create a breakthrough studio monitor. With that same ingenuity at work, we reinvented our HR Series to bring you the HRmk2 High Resolution Active Studio Reference Monitors.