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Durable Log-Taper Faders

Conventional D-taper faders can make accurate level control difficult... and smooth fades nearly impossible (see "Brand X Fader", left). About 3/4 of the way down, the sound just goes away. It's the fault of the D-taper fader's simple, cost-cutting internal construction.

Conventional D-Taper fader track (left) and tracking chart (below).

Mackie logrithmic fader track (left) and tracking chart (below).

Our 60mm mono faders – found on Mackie's 1604-VLZ PRO, 1402-VLZ PRO, 1642-VLZ PRO, SR244, and SR324 – are made with the same precision log-taper as the 100mm faders found on our 8Bus and SR408. A complex series of additional resistive elements are screened onto the wiper's path. They produce a precise, logarithmic taper that gives you amazingly smooth, consistent fades that extend the full length of the control.

These faders also feature a newly-developed, ultra-tight lip seal design. Its special co-polymer membrane provides a continuously-sealed barrier against dust and liquid, yet doesn't interfere with fader travel.

There's more. Faders in the 1604-VLZ PRO, 1642-VLZ PRO and 1402-VLZ PRO use a completely new internal wiper design that incorporates a special, long-wearing contact material originally developed for weatherproof exterior sensors. You get longer fader life plus improved resistance to dust and other miscreants that inevitably weasel their way past even the tightest lip seal.

At Mackie, we know that faders are the first thing you reach for, so we make sure they are the best. Go move one for yourself.

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