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Easy, Accurate Level Setting

The first thing you do with any mixer is adjust the input levels. On Mackie compact mixers, proper level setting lets you make maximum use of our UnityPlus gain structure.

Because this procedure is so important, we made it extremely easy.

Here's how you set Unity Gain on a channel: First, press the channel's Solo button. Immediately, you see the input level on the mixer's meters. Next, be sure the Solo switch is set to PFL (not necessary on the 1202-VLZ PRO). Finally, adjust the channel's Trim control until the meter level is around 0dB. On the
VLZ PRO Series we made it even easier by silkscreening a "Level Set" marker next to the 0dB LED.

That's all there is to it. In about ten seconds per channel, you've optimized the mixer for maximum headroom, minimum noise – and loads of extra gain above Unity.


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