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What the heck is a V-Pot?

V-pot photoEven megabux automated consoles never fully solved the problem of controlling and recalling a rotary control value via automation. Until now, that is.
"V" stands for virtual. A V-Pot™ consists of a free-rotating encoder with eleven LED segments in the surrounding collar. It's damped so you fine-tune with it just like you would adjust a standard rotary pan or EQ pot. The exact V-Pot™ value is precisely displayed on-screen or via HUI's Vacuum Fluorescent Display screen. The V-Pot's LED pattern coarsely reflects parameter values.
The value shown on a V-Pot™ varies according to the parameters it's displaying. For example, a volume value can wrap clockwise from the 8 o'clock position, whereas a narrow parametric EQ value would start at 12 o'clock and wrap equally. Depending on DAE implementation, a value can also be shown as a single, movable point.
A dedicated LED at the bottom of each V-Pot™ shows activity or function, such as automation or assignment status.


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