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Takes Active Subwoofer Technology to a New Level

The HRS150 active subwoofer has a 15-inch downward firing woofer and two side-firing 12-inch passive radiators. Powered by 950 watts of low-distortion Mackie Active Amplification, the sub provides a tight and accurate response with high output. A power supply tracking peak limiter protects the transducer and ensures long-term reliability for the most extreme subwoofer requirements.

The HRS150 is THX PM3 approved and provides simple switches for THX low cut filter and LFE gain allowing accurate THX mixing and monitoring. Additional filter options allow for AC-3 and DTS applications.

XLR and RCA input and output connections provide easy compatibility with professional and consumer systems. Left and Right inputs are provided for a 24 dB per octave variable crossover ranging from 55 – 110 Hz allowing the sub to match crossover points with any main monitors on the market today! The unique footswitch option allows for convenient monitoring of mains and a sub with crossover, or mains at full range with no sub.

The 950-watt HRS150, which joins the HRS120 subwoofer in the Mackie HR Active Studio Monitor family, is meant to provide a sub for more demanding low-end mixes. For example, it is ideal for house, hip hop and rap music that has an extended low end content. The HRS150 is the excellent choice for rooms where louder mixes and accuracy need to be achieved at very low frequencies. Because of its great size and immense power, this sub is also ideal for bass management when asked to reproduce the low frequency energy of all the mixing channels. The HRS150 fits perfectly with the other members of the Mackie HR Active Studio Monitor family in studio monitoring or home theater applications.


  • Recording studio 5.1 or 7.1 surround monitoring
  • Mid- to large-sized recording studios
  • High-end home theater systems
  • Post production environments

Key Features and Benefits

15" Woofer and 950-Watt Amp

  • Provides response down to 20 Hz
  • Provides output levels up to 122 dB

Flexible I/O and Variable Crossover

  • I/O allows integration with professional and consumer grade equipment
  • Variable crossover allows for compatibility with wide range of main monitors

Dual 12" Passive Radiators

  • Extended low-frequency response
  • Very low distortion at high output levels

Power Tracking Peak Limiter

  • Protects 15" woofer from damage
  • Provides for long-term reliability

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