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Our HR824mk2 and HR624mk2 high-resolution Active studio reference monitors represent the evolution of revolutionary thinking. Our engineers, joined by audio gurus from EAW, worked hard to conceive of a way to preserve the all-important character of the original HR, while delivering performance—as well as appearance—that’s better than ever. And even moreso than the original HR824 and HR624, which were designed apart from each other, the HR824mk2 and HR624mk2 are part of the same family, true siblings in design and sound. Sharing the same engineering, they are created to work together, whether in surround systems, or as part of complementary monitoring setups in different sized rooms. Click to read more about the EAW and Mackie Team collaboration.

Here are some of the elements that make the HRmk2 sound—and look—so smooth.

Baffle Image
LED ButtonZero-Edged Baffle

Thanks to this design, HRmk2’s imaging is stunningly accurate, with dramatically enhanced time domain characteristics and wide, even dispersion, delivering a much broader sweet spot than any other studio monitor on the market... read more

Passive Radiator Image
LED ButtonPassive Radiator

The HRmk2 delivers outstanding bass response, thanks to our passive radiator design. First used in the original HR Series, the passive radiator design avoids the drawbacks of ducted ports or slots, which can cause... read more

Amplifier Image
LED ButtonAmplifiers

With their EQ and filter section, the HRmk2 amplifiers can be precisely adjusted, ensuring that what we designed in our labs is what you end up with in your studio. As with the original HRs... read more

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LED ButtonWoofers & Tweeters

An exhaustive process, the selection of the new HRmk2 drivers took considerable engineering resources. Our team spent countless hours in their quest to find drivers that met our stringent... read more

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LED ButtonCabinet Design

While all metal may be all the rage these days, our design team used their ears to make their choice of cabinet material. And what they heard from an all-metal cabinet was a sound that... read more

To say we here at Mackie are detail-oriented is an understatement. We obsessed over every last detail on the HRmk2 Series—from the color and finish, to the power indicators and even the vents in the heat sink.

Paint It Black Image
LED ButtonPaint It Black

With the potential for the speakers to be used in settings from home theatres to gaming rooms to studios, we opted for a look that would be universally appealing. The high-gloss, piano black... read more

LED Image
LED ButtonIlluminated LED Power & Overload

Our LED power indicator is a tasty shade of white—a cool, refreshing change from your typical red. We took care to make sure the brightness is just right, too. The light shines bright enough... read more

Rotating Logo Image
Rotating Logo

Along with Acoustic Space Controls that allow you to adjust low frequency response to compensate for placement next to the wall, in corners, or in the center of a room, the HRmk2s come with... read more

Unparalled Quality Assurance
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Our Golden Reference Units serve as the reference point for calibration; hand-engineered in the US, the Golden Reference Units serve as the “masters” for HRmk2 production units... read more