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With their versatility and flexibility, the HRmk2 Series monitors are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need an ultra-accurate monitoring setup for your studio, or you want to add premium sound to your home theatre or gaming system, the THX pm3 approved HRmk2 Series delivers ultimate performance and sound quality that’s ideal for just about any room or setup. And because the HR624mk2 and HR824mk2 monitors share the same design, they function great together, making them optimal for surround systems. Add the HRS120 subwoofer, and you’ve got a powerhouse monitoring setup that transforms your sweet spot into a full-on sweet zone with punch.

Nearly two decades ago, George Lucas turned a passion for great sound into the world’s most accepted and trusted solution for achieving it. His company, Lucasfilms, developed a standard that guaranteed the sound quality created in the studio was what theatergoers experienced in the cinema. The standard was named THX, and since then, THX Ltd. has developed standards for a wide variety of audio and visual applications, from movie theaters to studios to home cinema. With hundreds of thousands of home theater customers and more than 3000 THX Certified movie theaters enjoying its benefits, the THX name has become nothing short of legendary.

Introduced in June of 1999, THX pm3 approval is the certification program developed specifically for 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems used for multi-channel mixing. The HRmk2’s THX pm3 approval means our monitors have met the stringent specifications standards set by THX for equipment used in surround mixing; they are ideal for DVD mastering, sweetening, and mixing, and the perfect fit for facilities doing work in broadcast, music, or multi-media applications. Simply put, THX pm3 approval is your guarantee that you have premium equipment for superior performance, whether you are using them in your own THX pm3 Certified Studio, or simply desire sound on par with those big-name facilities.

Using our Mackie HRS120 Subwoofer with your HRmk2 setup extends your sytem’s low frequency response even further—down to 21Hz. Your whole system plays more efficiently (and louder). A lot of power is used to produce those low frequencies; the HRS120 happily takes that power requirement away from your mains. For larger room sizes, multiple HRS120s can be chained together, which can significantly benefit overall system efficiency. And through the use of creative placement and onboard phase adjustment, you can overcome undesirable room modes such as standing waves.