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Mackie's FUSSION 1800SA/1800S is a high-output, active subwoofer system featuring high-precision 18-inch transducers combined with application-specific amplifier technology. The system is composed of two subwoofer cabinets: the 1800SA, which contains a single 18-inch woofer and the active electronics, and the 1800S, a single 18-inch woofer cabinet that functions as a slave.

Active, high-output dual 18" subwoofer system
2500W high-efficiency, high-current amplifier
High output, 139dB peak
Two 18" high-precision transducers
4" high-temperature, inside/outside voice coils
18mm birch plywood construction
Fully integrates with onboard acoustic management control system found in all Fussion full-range or mid-high speaker systems
Individual 18" cabinets facilitate transport and setup

Transducers used in the FUSSION 1800SA/1800S system feature 4-inch, Inside/Outside-wound voice coils that offer extreme power-handling capabilities. The cone assembly is reinforced with long-strand carbon fiber, which is impregnated into the cone. Extensive materials science research and development has led to significant advancements in adhesives, voice coil former materials, surround and spider technologies. FUSSION 1800SA/1800S transducers were specifically designed for use in this type of enclosure design. The magnetic assemblies used incorporate advancements in coil venting and structural cooling that provide lower temperature rise and substantially improved power compression characteristics.

The Fussion 1800 system amplifier module, located in the 1800SA cabinet, is an excellent example of the efficiency that is possible with active designs. This module uses two high-efficiency, high-current, CLASS G topology amplifiers running in bridged mode to produce 2500 watts of power. Instead of an onboard control system, the system relies on external processing supplied by any FUSSION full range or mid-high speaker system or by a stand-alone processor.

FUSSION 1800SA/1800S subwoofer system frequency response is linear between 38Hz and 150Hz. When used with any FUSSION full range or mid-high speaker system, the onboard processor provides complete system management of all electronic and acoustic functions including electronic active crossover, electronic phase alignment, electronic time correction, electronic equalization and complete amplifier and component protection.

To ensure long-term reliability and performance, the amplifier cards and processor are mounted to a huge heat sink eliminating the need for fans, dramatically extending life expectancy and eliminating maintenance cycles. An easily-accessible rear input and control panel offers substantial signal-routing flexibility. Line-level signal connections are via XLR connectors. There is a main speaker-level output on the 1800SA rear panel, which provides signal to the passive 1800S cabinet via an EP-type connector. The system features soft-start circuitry that eliminates pops and precisely controls AC inrush current surges.

Fussion 1800S and 1800SA cabinets are constructed using 18mm thick multi-layered birch plywood and finished in black splatter paint. There are two handles on each side for efficient loading and transport.


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