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Round out your DS3232 with this Mackie product:


Digital Live Console w/ Computer Control

DS3232 Digital Snake

Remote Connectivity
with Full Control

While the TT24 makes your live production easier, rolling out that old analog snake is still a drag... in more ways than one. Enter the DS3232. Designed specifically for use with the Mackie TT24 Digital Live Console, the DS3232 puts balanced XLR conncectivity, pristine Mackie mic preamplification, and high-definition 24-bit/96kHz digital audio conversion where it belongs… on the stage! Best of all (for roadie-types at least), signals are sent to and from the stage via standard, low-cost, lightweight Cat-5 cable… up to 300 feet away!

The DS3232 starts with 32 ultra-high quality Mackie mic preamps to ensure clean, articulate reproduction of vocals, drums, strings, guitars or anything else that crosses your stage. The preamps are controlled digitally from the TT24 mixing console, which has a full DSP package available for each preamp. This includes dynamics control (Gate & Comp) plus 4-band EQ for all 32 snake input channels, right out of the box.

Along with digitally controlled Preamps, each snake input features a -23dB pad, phantom power and its own High Pass Filter—and all these parameters (including premplifier gain) are recallable from the console. With its expanded channel capability and extremely quiet operation, the DS3232 Digital Snake is ideal for mobile FOH and monitor applications, fixed installations, and houses of worship.

With all the trouble we've taken to ensure your sources sound as good as possible, we also spared no expense in allowing you to get your mixes out to the real world. With onboard 24-bit/96 digital-to-analog converters, there is zero degradation of your signal from mixer to stage. All of the TT24's outputs are simultaneously available at the DS3232 via balanced, locking XLR male connectors, including Aux Sends, Flex Groups, Left, Right and Center/Mono outputs, and even talkback.

With the finest mic preamps and 24-bit/96kHz digital converters onboard, the DS3232 communicates with the TT24 entirely in the digital realm. Everything is fast, accurate, and clean, and all settings can be recalled instantly at the next gig, or years later on the reunion tour. With standard Cat-5 cable running between the snake and console, the DS3232 is extremely easy to setup and teardown versus exponentially more troublesome, expensive, and cumbersome analog snakes.

The DS3232 employs Mackie’s proprietary U-Net networking protocol to transfer 32 channels at up to 96kHz sampling rate to and from the TT24. In addition, control data is passed in both directions, allowing you to control the snake preamps remotely from the TT24. And U-Net provides this connectivity with rock-solid timing and lightning-fast transfer rates.

The network is also extremely scalable and can be used for a number of alternate applications, including linking two TT24 consoles (for expanded input count front of house applications) as well as support routing signals to and from other U-Net capable proprietary and 3rd party devices. And because it can be easily upgraded, new U-Net products and features can be added to the TT24 and DS3232 Digital Snake in the future.

TT24 Updates
New version 1.7.1 software and firmware is now available in the downloads section. Click here.


Digital snake featuring 32 channels of analog I/O with balanced XLR connectivity
Full DSP (gate, compressor, EQ) available for all 32 input channels
Locking EtherCon connector on front panel
Instant, remote recall and adjustment of input gain, pad and phantom power settings
Can be placed up to 300 feet from TT24 using Cat-5 cabling
Eliminates signal degradation usually associated with long audio snake runs
Locking EtherCon connector on front panel
U-Net enabled for communication with other proprietary and 3rd party devices
Super quiet fan for cool operation in extreme environments
Requires Mackie U100 networking card


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