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DFX•6 & DFX•12 Specifications

Crosstalk (3)
DFX•6 DFX•12
Noise (1): Master fader @ Unity, Ch. gains down
-90dBu -90dBu
Noise (1): Master fader @ Unity, Ch. gains @ Unity
-86dBu -86dBu
Signal to Noise Ratio (ref +4) > 90dB > 90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (2)
below 0.05% below 0.05%
Crosstalk (3)
Channel fader down, channels at Unity
-85dB -85dB
Channel muted, other channels at Unity -85dB -85dB
Mic Pre Section
Frequency Response(4) 20Hz to 60kHz
-0.5/-1.5dB -0.5/-1.5dB
Maximum Levels
Mic preamp input
-22dBu -22dBu
All other inputs
+20dBu +20dBu
Balanced main outputs
+20dBu +20dBu
All other outputs
+4dBu +4dBu
Mic preamp input
3k, bal. 3k, bal.
All other inputs (except inserts)
>10k >10k
RCA tape outputs
1.1k 1.1k
All other outputs
150 150
2-band channel + 2-band channel + 5-band graphic 2-band channel + 2-band channel + 5-band graphic
Low EQ
80Hz 80Hz
12kHz 12kHz
Low-Cut Filter
18dB/oct @ 75Hz 18dB/oct @ 75Hz
Microphone Preamp E.I.N. (5)
-127dBm -127dBm
Power Requirements
20 watts 30 watts
Product weight & dimensions:
Height (including knobs)
4.1" (105mm) 4.1" (105mm)
11.8" (300mm) 16.1" (410mm)
Depth (w/o power cord inserted
14.4" (365mm) 14.4" (365mm)
8 lbs (3.63 kg) 10 lbs (4.53 kg)
(1) 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, line inputs to main L/R outputs, all channels assigned, panned L/R. (2) Any output, 1kHz @ +14dBu, 20Hz-20kHz, channel input. (3) 1kHz @ 0dBu, 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth, channel In to Main outputs. (4) Mic input to any output. (5) 150-ohm terminated, max gain.

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