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MFX and UFX Cards
Collect 'em. Trade 'em with your friends!

The Mackie D8B has four card slots behind the back panel labeled "Digital Effects Cards". Take a peek inside and you'll find one MFX card that was installed at the factory. That leaves three slots to fill up. You can mix and match MFX cards and UFX cards depending on the plug-ins you want to use. The Mackie D8B is the only digital console that supports such a wide variety of plug-ins from the world's best processor and effects companies and there's more plug-ins to come!

MFX Card
The MFX card is the host for Mackie Effects reverbs, choruses, echos etc... The IVL Vocal Studio Demo is included. Adding a second MFX card unlocks the official Vocal Studio plug-in. (One MFX card comes with your D8B.) MFX cards can be mixed with UFX cards, up to a total of four. Removing the MFX card will disable the Mackie Effects, and Vocal Studio.

UFX Card
The UFX Card is the host for Acuma, Antares, Drawmer, and Massenburg® plug-ins. TC Reverb and the new Mackie Mono Delay are bundled with every UFX card free of charge. UFX cards can be mixed with MFX cards, up to a total of four cards.
UFX cards are 4-in/4-out, which means each card can simultaneously support either:

  • four mono effects, or
  • two mono and one stereo effect, or
  • two stereo effects

Up to four UFX cards can be installed in the D8B. In this configuration, you can typically run up to 16 channels of mono plug-in effects or 8 channels of stereo plug-in effects simultaneously.


Card installation is so simple that a game show hostess could do it. Just unscrew the rear panel card cage screws and remove the cover, insert a UFX or MFX card and replace the cover. Okay, on second thought that may be too difficult for a game show hosetess, but we think you can handle it.

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