DJ Rocky Rock

The newly crowned West Coast King of the d.2 DJ Rocky Rock began his DJ career in 1991 and eventually started battling in 1998, managing to place in the top three in almost every amateur DJ battle in the Bay Area, California.

By the year 2000, he started competing professionally with the (I.T.F.) International Turntable Federation, a prestigious worldwide DJ competition series. He ranked third place in the West Coast Finals. The following year, he placed first in both the regional DMC (DJ Mixing Competition) in Seattle and the Guitar Center Championships.

In 2001, DJ Rocky Rock founded Mind Music, a DJ school dedicated to empowering the next generation DJs with turntable skills such as mixing, juggling and scratching. Mind Music serves as an outlet to the people of the community, where they can share their passion of beats and sounds to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds by promoting a positive lifestyle through music.

In 2004, DJ Rocky Rock hooked up with the Black Eyed Peas, a unique honor, and went to the Philippines to set up a springtime show for them in Manila, where he started a new company, Island Flavor. Not only did he bring the biggest hip hop act to play Manila, he opened the show with this furious DJ skills. He followed that up with a DMC championship in the Philippines and a 5th place in the DMC world championships.

In 2005, DJ Rocky Rock returned to Los Angeles to work directly with the Black Eyed Peas, scratching for them on Monkey Business, the group’s latest hit album. DJ Rocky Rock scratched on the song "Gone Going" and "Bebot". Other projects DJ Rocky Rock is currently involved with include the band Dirty Heads, the DJ of, and with the Jeepney Music record label/production company.

DJ Butch (aka Gerald Voloso)

Influenced by his father's 80's disco band, West Coast King of the d.2 runner up DJ Butch's love for music began at a very early age. Looking to follow in his father’s musical footsteps, DJ Butch’ friend DJ BoogieRonsta first introduced him to a set of turntables in 1997. From there on, he took on the art of turntablism and eventually joined the DJ crew he represents today, the UnderTheTable Crew. Starting off with doing some mobile gigs from house parties, weddings, school dances, or clubs, it became clearer to DJ Butch on how to get a crowd bumpin’. From there he hit the battle scene, then built upon his success to enter the studio to start producing mixtapes getting inspiration from local radio DJs E-Man, Melo-D and Curse.

Butch recently released his latest mixtape "SJ TO LA" with fellow DJ Dstrukt (who, by the way, placed third in the West Coast King of the d.2 voting) and is now currently working on the release of his next mixtape due out in the summer of 2006. For more about DJ Butch, visit