Tracktion 2: Audio Production Made Easy

The d.Series FireWire Card gives you direct access to tunes from any music software application on a Mac or PC (Mac OSX 10.3.5 and higher, Windows XP). It also makes it easy for DJs to record their live sets to computer with no additional hardware. And for those into music production from hip hop and electronic albums to radio shows and podcasts, the d.Series FireWire Card includes our hit Tracktion 2 software to get you up and running in just minutes.

Tracktion 2's hallmark single-screen interface and intuitive workflow make it the perfect production solution for novice and seasoned remixers, producers, and podcasters alike. With features like unlimited track count, VST plug-in support, ReWire synchronization with applications like Ableton Live and Reason, and a high-definition 64-bit mix engine, Tracktion 2 provides all the tools you need for serious production tasks. And Tracktion 2 does it all in a way that never gets in the way of your creativity.

The d.Series FireWire Card’s software bundle also includes Mackie's Final Mix Mastering plug-in to get your audio projects ready for the club or broadcast. Six great plug-ins from the powerful Mackie Dynamics Suite include mono and stereo compressors, mono and stereo side-chain compressors, the DSR-1 (for reducing sibilance on vocal tracks), and a mastering-grade 3-band compressor/limiter.

We've also included a full complement of plug-ins, virtual instruments, and an easy-to-use sampler from Maxim Digital Audio and Raw Material Software. These powerful and great-sounding effects and instruments round out the d.2’s Tracktion 2 software bundle to make it the perfect out-of-the-box production solution.