Mackie Control C4 Frequetly Asked Questions

Q. Why should I purchase a Mackie Control C4 rather than one of the less expensive rotary controllers available from "competitors"?

A. No other rotary controller available today offers as much visual feedback as the Mackie Control C4. The Mackie Control C4 is the only controller to offer electronic "scribble strips" that display the parameter that each and every V-Pot is controlling. When working with other rotary controllers, the user must constantly look back and forth between the computer monitor and the control surface to determine the function of each knob, and to see how adjustments on the knob are affecting the parameters on-screen. The C4 lends to faster, focused and more precise plug-in/virtual instrument parameter control.

Q. Why is the C4's level of integration with the DAW better than that of other controllers?

A. Other controllers communicate with the DAW via generic MIDI messages and they typically leave it to the user to map these functions to the software. This approach is time consuming and does not provide a good level of integration. The C4, like the other members of the Mackie Control Universal product family, is specifically coded into the DAW platform, by the DAW developers, to provide a tightly integrated experience, right out of the box.

Q. Do I need to have a Mackie Control Universal or Logic Control to enjoy the benefits of the Mackie Control C4?

A. No. Although your production process would undoubtedly benefit greatly with the addition of a Mackie Control Universal (and MCU Extender) to your system, it is not required to use the Mackie Control C4. The C4 will work equally well with Logic 7, Sonar 4 or Tracktion 2 as a standalone controller, or as an addition to a Mackie Control Universal/Logic Control/Extender system.

Q. I own a Mackie Control Universal or Logic Control, which already provides plug-in/virtual instrument control. Why do I need a Mackie Control C4?

A. The C4 allows you to view/adjust 32 parameters simultaneously, whereas the Mackie Control Universal and Logic Control allow for adjustment of only eight at a time. The C4 improves your workflow and allows you to make parameter adjustments more quickly, without banking through multiple pages of parameters to find the one you want.

Q. Can I use the Mackie Control C4 with my laptop computer or as part of a mobile studio?

A. Absolutely! There are a wide variety of USB and FireWire MIDI devices that interface the Mackie Control C4 with your laptop computer. And because the Mackie Control C4 ships with a universal external AC adapter for its power supply, it can be used in any country around the world.

Q. How do I determine which firmware version is installed on my Mackie Control C4?

A. Simple. Just power on the unit. As it boots, the current firmware version (eg. V1.01 or v1.02) is displayed on the top LCD display.

Q. How do I update the firmware on my Mackie Control C4?

A. First, determine which version of firmware is installed on your Mackie Control C4. Then visit the Mackie Control C4 page on the Mackie website to see if an update is available. The C4 firmware is made available as a .zip file, which includes a MIDI file and installation instructions as a text file. Basically, you will need to start the C4 in "Boot Loader Mode" to prepare it to accept the new firmware. The new firmware is transmitted to the C4 via MIDI from your DAW application. Check the text file included in the download for complete details.