Q. Is there separate level control for each monitor/speaker output?

A. Yes. The Big Knob includes a separate screwdriver-adjustable trim pot on each monitor/speaker output. This allows you to match the output of the Monitor connectors to unbalanced, -10 dB inputs, balanced +4 dB inputs, and anything in between.

Q. How many input sources does the Big Knob include?

A. The Big Knob has four stereo input sources. DAW Mix, 2-Track A, 2-Track B, and Phono for your classic turntable! Each input has its own input level control.

Q. Does the Big Knob include headphone outputs?

A. Yes. There are two top panel headphone outputs, a line level headphone amp output on the rear panel, and rear panel studio outputs. The source for these outputs can be switched from the current input source or a separate Phones Mix input allowing the engineer to take advantage of the DAW hardware's multiple outputs. Each output has its own independent level control.

Q. Can the Big Knob accept +4 and -10 signals?

A. Yes. The Big Knob has 100% +4/-10 connectivity. There is a separate gain control for each input and output.

Q. Can the Big Knob be rack mounted?

A. Currently there is no rack mount option available for the Big Knob. However, there are rack mount ear-holes built in so that we have the option of manufacturing a rack mounting kit at a later date should we get enough demand for it. Please contact us and let us know if you're interested in that as a future option!

Q. Can I use a line level signal other than a record player on the Phono input?

A. Since the Phono input uses an RIAA preamp to properly reproduce music from a record, you will not be able to plug in any line level device without some modification to the signal first. The RIAA preamp has EQ curves built-in that will need to be corrected in order for your music to sound right. You will need to build a circuit to make this work. Follow this link here for details on how to accomplish this: