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Looking for Mackie HUI to control Apple Final Cut Pro 5?
Mackie HUI is alive and well inside the Mackie Control Universal.

Supported By:
Digidesign ProTools & ProTools LE(PC/Mac)
Mackie Soundscape 32(PC Only)
Mackie Mixtreme(PC Only)
MOTU Digital Performer(Mac Only)
Steinberg Nuendo(PC/Mac)
Steinberg Cubase SX(PC/Mac)
APB Tools TH-S(Mac Only)

Compact Touch-Fader Master Controller

Baby HUI™ is the direct descendant of it's predecessor HUI™ (Human User Interface). HUI was originally released by Mackie in 1997, and quickly became one of the audio industry's first totally integrated control surfaces for digital audio workstations. With a similar feature set of single-button automation, editing, and navigational commands, complimented with eight full-featured channel strips that feature a touch-sensitive motorized fader, Baby HUI offers professional-grade features and capabilities in a compact, affordable package.

Baby HUI is an eight-fader MIDI controller that provides in-depth mixing, automation, and navigational control for any digital audio workstation that supports the HUI™ MIDI mapping protocol. Designed as a smaller, scaled- down version of it's predecessor, Baby HUI supports all the major features found on the original HUI - only in a smaller footprint and at a more affordable price point. Perfect fit for those DAW enthusiasts on a budget, or space-conscious engineers who have a very small area to use with a controller.

Baby HUI has eight channel strips that include a 60 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, mute button, solo button, and a Signal LED. Each channel strip also has a multi-functional rotary encoder that can be used for pan or send level control, or can be pushed in (like a button) to provide Channel Select, Record Arming, or Automation Arming functions. Baby HUI supports a full automation assignment section, display buttons, and Undo button and a Shift Modifier to double up certain controls. Basic navigational control can be achieved by using the tape-style transport and the RTZ/END buttons, and any channel can be accessed with the Bank/ Channel Select buttons.

One of the key features of Baby HUI is the extensive software support that already exists among the various DAW platforms - today! Baby HUI will operate and interact with any software that supports the HUI MIDI Mapping protocol. This is a HUGE advantage over generic MIDI controllers that require the user to map every single control with every software parameter - a process that can take hours away from being creative and enjoying the product. For any HUI-supported system, the user simply plugs Baby HUI into their computer's MIDI interface, accesses the control surface or console manager within the software, and activates HUI as a controller. As long as the MIDI connections and software interfacing is correct, Baby HUI will "wake up " and allow itself to be used.

Baby HUI Main Features:

  • Eight 60mm Touch-Sensitive Faders
  • Channel Mute, Solo, Pan, Send Level & Rec. Arm Functions
  • Multi-functional Rotary Encoders
  • Automation Mode & Arming Functions
  • Software Window Open/Close Buttons
  • Single Undo/Redo Button
  • Shift Modifier for Dual Function Commands
  • Tape-Style Transport with RTZ/END Jump Buttons
  • IN/OUT Buttons for Location Point Insertion on the Fly
  • Easy to Use MIDI In/Out Connections
  • Supports HUI™ MIDI Mapping Protocol
Powered By:
  • Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Digidesign digi001
  • MOTU Digital Performer
  • Steinberg Nuendo
  • Steinberg Cubase SX
  • Mackie Broadcast Professional Soundscape 32
  • Mackie Mixtreme

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