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  D8B v5 Download and Installation Instructions for PC

Warning: We strongly recommend that you backup all of your files on your D8B's hard drive BEFORE upgrading to version 5!!! Please read the Release Notes for D8B v5 before continuing with the installation.

Note: Unless you have registered and unlocked your copy of D8B v5 software, it will run in demo mode for 7 minutes, after which you will be required to re-boot the system. In demo mode, you cannot create, open or save sessions. You can safely re-install D8B OS version 3.0 if you choose.

Follow these steps if you are downloading onto a Windows™-based computer:

1) Download the ZIP file d8b_b427.zip (3.2MB).

2) To expand the ZIP file, you will need WinZip™ (www.winzip.com) or a similar program installed on your computer. Once downloaded, double-click on the file. This will launch WinZip™.

3) Click on the Extract button. The default "Extract To" directory is normally set to to C:\Windows\Temp. If you prefer to have the files extracted to a different location, type the path into the provided text box and then press the "Extract" button. Once the extraction is completed, quit WinZip™.

4) Locate the three extracted files, labeled d8b_build427_disk1.exe, d8b_build427_disk2.exe, and d8b_build427_disk3.exe in the directory into which the files were extracted.

5) Label one double sided, high-density 1.44MB freshly PC formatted floppy disk as "Disk 1", a second as "Disk 2", and a third as "Disk 3".

6) Double-click on the first file, d8b_build427_disk1.exe, and you will see a "WinImage™ Self-Extractor" dialog box.

7) Be sure that both "Writing on Floppy" and "Formatting" are checked and click on the "OK" button in the upper right corner of the dialog box.

8) When the "Batch Assistant" dialog box appears, insert Disk 1 into drive A:\ and then click the "OK" button. If the disk is not blank, you will get an additional dialog informing you that all data on the disk will be overwritten. Click "YES".

9) When the WinImage™ utility has completed writing to Disk 1, remove Disk 1 and insert Disk 2 and repeat steps 5 through 8 using d8b_build427_disk2.exe instead. Remove Disk 2 when the operation is complete. When the WinImage™ utility has completed writing to Disk 2, remove Disk 2 and insert Disk 3 and repeat steps 5 through 8 using d8b_build427_disk3.exe instead. Rebooting your PC with the disk in can create problems with your PC.

10) With the D8B powered off, insert installation Disk 1 into the D8B's floppy drive, and power up the D8B.

11) The D8B will boot into the installer program automatically. Follow the prompts on the LCD screen.

12) Insert Disk 2 into the floppy drive when prompted, and select "Continue".

13) Insert Disk 3 into the floppy drive when prompted, and select "Continue".

14) When the D8B has completed reading all three installer disks, it will ask you if you want to install D8B version 5.0 build 427. Press "OK" to finish the installation, or "Cancel" to cancel the installation without writing any files to disk.

15) When the installation is complete, remove Disk 3 from the floppy drive and power cycle the D8B.


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