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  D8B v5.1 Download

Here you can download and try out D8B v5.1 for free. It will function exactly like the real version except you cannot save/open/create sessions - and only for seven minutes. After that it will promt you to reboot.

Minimum System Requirements for v5.1: 32 MB RAM, 166 MHz Pentium D8B CPU
Optimum System Requirements for v5.1: 256 MB RAM, 300 MHz Celeron D8B CPU

These files are compressed disk images available for Windows™-based computers and Macintosh™ computers. Choose from the options below for other downloadable files. There are detailed instructions on how to make the downloaded files into functioning D8B disks - follow the links underneath the file downloads below:

  D8B Older OS Versions (v5)
Mac: Instructions
Win: Instructions

d8bv5.hqx (4.29 MB)

d8bv5.zip (3.2 MB)

v5 software release notes

  D8B Older OS Versions (v2 & v3)

Please see our older web pages for this: D8B v3 Downloads


  D8B v5.1 Owner's Manual
Full Version (PDF - 11.5 MB)
Table of Contents (PDF - 1.1 MB)
Ch1 Getting Ready, part 1 (PDF - 1.5 MB)
Ch1 Getting Ready, part 2 (PDF - 1 MB)
Ch2 Where Is It (PDF - 461 KB)
Ch3 What's On TV, part 1 (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Ch3 What's On TV, part 2 (PDF - 1 MB)
Ch3 What's On TV, part 3 (PDF - 1.1 MB)
Ch4 Applications, part 1 (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Ch4 Applications, part 2 (PDF - 880 KB)
Appendices, part 1 (PDF - 1.1 MB)
Appendices, part 2 (PDF - 1.2 MB)
HUI Layer Control Map (PDF - 176 KB)

The all new On-Screen Help section inside v5 itself covers almost everything.

  D8B Older Manuals (v2 & v3)

Please see our older web pages for this: D8B v3 Downloads

  D8B Plug-Ins Downloads (works for both v3 and v5)

  DPlug-ins Included in the Plug-in Kit
Developer Plug-In Name Description  
PRO AUDIO LAB Powerful audio metering tools  
DSR-1 Three-band frequency controlled “De-Esser” dynamic processor web demo
FINAL MIX A professional, realtime stereo mastering processor web demo
SATURATED FAT Distortion and Speaker Cabinet Modeling with Seven-Band EQ web demo
RTA-31 Realtime 31-Band EQ and Spectral Analysis web demo
DELAY FACTOR 16-Tap Stereo Delay with Modulation
web demo
FILTER MACHINE Intuitive, powerful, sweeping filter effects web demo
TIME PAK Easy-to-use time modulation web demo
AUTO-TUNE Pitch Correction for Voice or Solo Instrument  
ADX100 Frequency Conscious Gating, Limiting, and Expansion, Compression  
MDW2x2 2x2 High-Resolution Parametric Equalizer  
TC FX II Renowned M2000 Reverb Algorithms  
VOCAL STUDIO Tool Kit for Vocal Processing (MFX Card Only)  
MONO DELAY No-nonsense, powerful delay processor - Free with UFX  

**Important Note: You must obtain new authorization codes for all of your UFX plug-ins after installing this new software. Upon installation all plug-ins will default back to Demo Mode. Your old authorization codes will no longer operate for the plug-in. Please go to the Mackie Plug-in Authorization Page to obtain the new codes.

*This three (3) disk installer set installs the most current versions of all UFX and MFX plug-ins for the d8b. Plug-ins operate in a time-limited demo mode unless authorized. Two (2) MFX cards are required for the IVL VocalStudio 3.0 authorization. All other plug-ins require at least one (1) UFX card to operate in demo mode and require the purchase of an authorization code to unlock the plug-in with the exception of the TC Level I and Mono Delay which are bundled with the UFX card and can be authorized for free at the Mackie Plug-in Authorization Page.

  D8B Plug-Ins User's Guides
Description Current Version File Format/Size
Acuma Labs Pro Audio Lab Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (PDF / 2.1MB)
Acuma Labs Delay Factor Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 910K)
Acuma Labs DSR-1 Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 514K)
Acuma Labs Filter Machine Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 819K)
Acuma Labs Final Mix Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 636K)
Acuma Labs RTA-31 Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A1 (.PDF / 864K)
Acuma Labs Saturated Fat Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 623K)
Acuma Labs Time Pak Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 910K)
Antares Auto Tune Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 692K)
Drawmer ADX100 User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 1.5MB)
Mackie Mono Delay Plug-in User's Guide Rev. C (.PDF / 372K)
MDW 2x2 Plug-in User's Guide Rev. A (.PDF / 652K)
TC FX II Reverb Plug-in User's Guide Rev. B (.PDF / 380K)

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