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1604-VLZ PRO Specificatins
Mic Preamp

Equivalent Input Noise (20Hz-20kHz)

150 ohm

-129.5 dBu

50 ohm

-131.0 dBu

0 ohm

-134.5 dBu

Frequency Response


5Hz to 100kHz:


3Hz to 192kHz:

IM Distortion (4 to 1 ratio SMPTE)
35dB gain


Harmonic Distortion (20Hz-20kHz)
35dB gain


Max +60dB
Min 0dB or Unity
Max Input +22dB
Input Impedance 1.3k Ohm
Common Mode Rejection > 90dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio > 140dB
Main Mix Noise
20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, 1/4" Main out, Channel Trim @ unity gain, channel EQs flat, all channels assigned to Main Mix, odd channels Pan left, even channels Pan right, Reference +4dBu
Main Mix Fader @ unity, channel faders down:


Main Mix Fader @ unity, channel faders @ unity:


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 
1kHz @ +14dBu, 20Hz-20kHz.


Attenuation (Crosstalk)
1kHz relative to 0dBu, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth, Line in, 1/4" Main Out, Trim @ unity
Channel Mute switch engaged:


Channel Fader down:



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