Into the Great Wide Open
Open System

400f On the computer software side of things, the 1200F is a wide open system. Our software drivers work with stable, standardized audio protocols, which means you won’t be tied down to any particular computer platform or any niche software app., The Onyx 1200F supports CoreAudio on the Mac side and ASIO, WDM and GSF on the PC side. This wide-ranging implementation enables you to choose from the full spectrum of audio software titles out there. Additionally, the Onyx 1200F ships with our evolutionary Tracktion 3 Project Bundle Hardware Edition—a user-friendly yet incredibly deep composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering application. Right out of the box, you’ve got a powerful music production system.

In fact, you don’t even need a computer at all to operate the Onyx 1200F. It functions fully in standalone mode, including all Matrix Mixer routing assignments. Your whole studio can come with you anywhere you need to take it. This opens up a whole world of additional options: Bring the 1200F into an all-analogue recording environment, use it for multi-track recordings of concert tours, give yourself a portable recording system. You could even use it as a portable mixer for rehearsals or jamming sessions, an A/D converter, or any number of scenarios that might come your way.

You can also couple the 1200F with our new Mackie Control Pro control surface. The combination of the Onyx 1200F plus full tactile mixer capabilities results in a comprehensive digital mixing system whether in the studio or out on the road.