The Hub of Your Digital Universe
Digital Connectivity

400f Once we packed the 1200F with massive I/O and made sure you have the monitoring options you'll need, we decided to go overboard on the digital connectivity options. The goal here is to ensure that you’ll be prepared for any scenario and that you’ll have the flexibility to expand your studio long into the future.

To start, the 1200F comes with Word Clock I/O. This is the professional choice for synchronizing recording and playback to additional digital devices in your studio. This comes in handy for video and film post-production if you need to sync playback to a digital tape deck, or for overdubbing to ADATs, DA-88s, or any other device that may come your way.

Your investment in the future is a staggering 16 channels of ADAT Optical I/O (16 discrete ins, 16 discrete outs). This is important for two reasons: High definition throughput, and additional input channels. Simply put, more ADAT Optical channels means more signal throughput at high def quality. Most boxes out there—if they even support the protocol—limit you to eight channels. The Onyx 1200F has double that. This means you’ll be able to send and receive more signals at higher quality sound.

The second benefit is future expansion of your studio. Many standalone microphone preamps utilize the ADAT Optical protocol for converting and sending additional analogue signals to the 1200F. This is the preferred option for increasing your studio's input channels, since the signal will remain in the digital realm rather than going through another conversion process.

In home-owner terms, this is like adding a whole new wing to your mansion. It opens up your recording real estate considerably. Let’s say, for example, you’re getting requests to record comprehensive orchestral sessions. You’ll need additional microphone preamps to handle all those classical instruments. Take our Onyx 800R standalone eight-channel mic preamp for example. Because it features ADAT outs, the 800R is an ideal way of expanding your studio to effectively handle these orchestral recordings. If you add two Onyx 800R units to the 1200F’s 12 built-in Onyx preamps, you’ve got 28 premium-quality Onyx input channels available to you.

And we didn’t stop there. The 1200F also includes a host of additional connections. First is a pair of two-channel interface options for integrating digital effects processors, mastering devices, and recorders at high-definition sound. First is the AES/EBU I/O protocol for the ultimate in digital throughput quality. Second is S/PDIF I/O for DAT machines or other recorders.

And MIDI? Yep, we've got that covered too. But rather than the obligatory single MIDI I/O, you get two of each. Finally, you get not one, but two FireWire connectors. This is your main computer interface jack, but you can also use it as an additional hard drive interface.