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We are currently looking into new Mackie Mart items for Tracktion 2.


Round out your Tracktion 2 with this Mackie product:

Big Knob

Desktop Level Control / Monitor Switcher / Talkback Box


Morris Hayes-Mackie Tracktion and the Art of the Groove

Table of Contents Chapter 1 >>

T2 User's Guide - Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started with Tracktion
1.1 A Quick Overview of Tracktion's User Interface
1.2 Setting Up Your Audio and MIDI Devices
1.3 A Word on Hardware Requirements
1.4 Setting Up Your Plug-Ins Path
1.5 Trying the Demo Songs
CHAPTER 2: The Projects Page – Working with Projects and Items
2.1 An Overview of the Projects Page
2.2 Creating a New Project
2.3 The Project Properties
CHAPTER 3: The Edit Page
3.1 Familiarising Yourself with the Edit Page
3.2 Tracks, Clips, and the Arrange Area
3.3 Handy Shortcuts for Working with Tracks
CHAPTER 4: Working with Audio
4.1 A Brief Introduction to Digital Audio
4.2 Recording and Importing Audio
4.3 Working with Audio
4.4 Trouble-shooting Audio Problems
4.5 Handy Audio Clip and Recording Shortcuts
CHAPTER 5: Working with MIDI
5.1 A Brief Introduction to MIDI
5.2 Using External MIDI Gear
5.3 Working with Virtual Instruments, and MIDI Filters
5.4 Recording MIDI
5.5 The MIDI Editor
5.6 Quantising, and Working with Groove Temnplates
5.7 Troubleshooting MIDI Recording Problems
5.8 Handy MIDI Editing Shortcuts
CHAPTER 6: Mixing and Adding Effects
6.1 Adding Effects and Setting Levels
6.2 Working with Sub-Mixes and Auxiliary Sends
CHAPTER 7: Automation
7.1 Recording and Editing Automation
7.2 Mapping MIDI Controllers to Automation Parameters
7.3 Handy Automation Editing and Recording Shortcuts
CHAPTER 8: Tempo, Synchronisation, and the Time Line
8.1 Working with Tempos and the Time-Line
8.2 Using Markers
8.3 Working with the Click-Track
8.4 Synchronising to External Hardware, and Video
8.5 Handy Tempo and Quantise Shortcuts
CHAPTER 9: Exporting and Distributing Your Music
9.1 Exporting Your Music as an Audio File
9.2 Burning Your Music to CD, or Creating and MP3
9.3 A Few Final Words

Table of Contents Chapter 1 >>


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