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Round out your Mackie Control with this Mackie product:

Mackie Control C4


Mackie Mixers Hold Down Beyonce's Backline

It was hardly a surprise for us to discover that not just one, but three members of Beyonce's red hot touring band have been packing 1402's in their racks...

Mackie Control Universal Overlays

Do you have the right overlay for your system? If not, you have come to the right place. Please fill out this brief form and we'll contact you. Each Lexan Overlay for your Mackie Control or Logic Control will cost $10 per overlay plus a $10 shipping and handling charge ($15 for international orders). If you prefer expedited shipping of your order, please indicate so in the comments field. Additional charges may apply.

If you have a working telephone and don't mind making a toll-free call, feel free to dial us up at 1.800.258.6883 with your credit card handy, and we'll process the order for you in person. For those of you controller users outside the USA, you can always call our regular line at +1 425.487.4333 with a credit card ready, or contact your local Mackie distributor. For a list of all Mackie distributors and their locations/contact info, click here.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Shipping Address:
Country of Residence:
Lexan Overlay requests for Mackie Control Universal Owners outside of the USA should be directed to the Mackie Representative in your country. Your dealer should be able to connect you with them.
Phone Number:
Overlay Needed:
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MOTU Digital Performer
Steinberg Cubase SX / Nuendo
Cakewalk SONAR
Digidesign Pro Tools (HUI overlay)
Syntrillium CoolEdit Pro
Logic Control
RML Labs SAW Studio
Mackie Control



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