February 25, 2014
Cairo’s St. Therese Basilica Gets Mackie HDA

Cairo, Egypt – February 2014… In a region renowned as the birthplace of modern religionChurch Mackie HDA, this sprawling metropolis on the banks of the Nile is dotted with houses of worship large and small. Constructed in 1939, the Basilica of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus is a classic example, a massive Byzantine style structure adorned with Arabic-Egyptian ornamentation.

As with many of the grand basilicas, the room’s acoustics have long been a challenge. Soaring walls, marble floors, wooden pews, and a massive 80-foot (25 meter) high dome ringed with…

September 6, 2012
Mackie DL1608 Takes Center Stage at Bothell Blues Festival

Bothell Blues Festival 2012The DL1608 is reaching the hands of users worldwide. One of our favorite Mackoids took one out to a local blues festival in Bothell, Washington last weekend. Five of the top Northwest Blues bands (The Wired!, Chester Dennis Jones, Gin Creek, Mary McPage and Miles Tones) brought the crowd to their feet on multiple occasions throughout the 8-hour festival.  Amazing…

September 1, 2008

SRMv2-Series.jpgThe SRMv2 Series (SRM350v2 & SRM450v2) has re-opened the eyes (well, ears) of many professional live sound engineers. It seems impossible to maker perfection perfect-er, but the Mackie gurus have done just that. The new SRMv2 Series has more power, clarity and punch than ever before, plus they have shed some serious pounds. Check out the latest reviews, then head to the store for a listen. What does it feel like to have your ears re-opened? It feels good, trust us. Like a cotton swab for your…

August 11, 2008

Police Academy Entrance Indonesia has seen tremendous growth in the past decade and there are many people interested in recording and live sound. Kairos (PT Santika) is the Mackie distributor for this region, and our man in Indonesia, Laz Harris recently visited Kairos and they certainly showed him a good time.

One of the stops was at a large local beach-front resort and them park, which features a very popular attraction called “Police Academy”. Yes, like the movie. It’s a massive stunt…

May 14, 2008
Mackie Re-ACTIVE-ators To The Rescue!

Tired of lackluster shows with tired, bad-sounding loudspeakers? Us too.
SRMv2.jpg Meet the Re-ACTIVE-ators. Armed with nothing but SRMv2 Series Active Loudspeakers and cunning ambition, the Re-ACTIVE-ators vow to reactivate the live sound scene, one gig at a time.
Watch them sneak into rental facilities and performance venues, swapping out existing speakers with Mackie’s SRMv2 Series Active Loudspeakers.
See the look on the faces of the unwitting participants as they realize just how awesome things can get when you pump sound through a Mackie SRMv2 Series Active Loudspeaker.
Episode One: