July 21, 2014
Serious Price Drop for the Mackie DL806 Digital Mixer

The power of digital wireless mixing is now more attainable than ever!

The popular Mackie DL806 is now the lowest-priced professional digital mixer on the ????????????market.  Proven at millions of live shows worldwide, DL Series mixers have an incredible reputation of intuitive, powerful performance. Combining the power of a full-featured digital mixer mixer with the unmatched ease-of-use of an iPad, the DL806 is ready for…

November 15, 2013
Questions about DL Mixers and iPad Compatibility? We Have Answers

Do you have an iPad and are not sure what DL Mixer to get?

Maybe you have recently purchased a DL Mixer (high-five) and you don’t know what iPad to get?

Possibly you’re looking to upgrade your current iPad, but you’re afraid it won’t work with your new DL Mixer? No way!

Whatever your situation is, we’ve got you covered with our new iPad Compatibility Matrix chart. We know technology changes rapidly and we are here to help you keep up with it all. This chart will be updated regularly so as soon as we know something you…

September 25, 2013
ZAP! Mackie DL Series Mixers, Lightning and You

Mackie DL Series - Lightning

By popular demand, new versions of our DL1608 and DL806 are currently in production that feature the Apple Lightning connector. This will ensure that new customers are able to take advantage of the current generation iPad devices. These new Lightning version DL mixers will be available alongside the 30-pin versions. Talk with your dealer to ensure you get the

Mackie Announces Master Fader v2.0 – Tons of New Features Coming Soon

Mackie Master Fader / My Fader v2.0

The Mackie Master Fader app for our DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with iPad Control has been continuously evolving since it was launched. In just over a year, we’ve added numerous additional features over five releases that have truly added value to DL users. Plus, our Master Fader and My Fader apps are always FREE!

Today, we are extremely excited to announce a major update to Mackie’s

January 30, 2013
Mackie DL Mixers Lightning Connector Support

We’ve received a few questions about Mackie DL Series mixers and the new lightning connector Apple is using on the iPad (4th generation), iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Mackie DL Series mixers currently support full wireless control using the new iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini. Additionally, you can use Apple’s 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable to dock these newer devices. The iPad 2 is still sold new directly from Apple and is fully supported for use with DL mixers. That being said, we are working hard on a comprehensive solution for converting…