September 6, 2012
Mackie DL1608 Takes Center Stage at Bothell Blues Festival

Bothell Blues Festival 2012The DL1608 is reaching the hands of users worldwide. One of our favorite Mackoids took one out to a local blues festival in Bothell, Washington last weekend. Five of the top Northwest Blues bands (The Wired!, Chester Dennis Jones, Gin Creek, Mary McPage and Miles Tones) brought the crowd to their feet on multiple occasions throughout the 8-hour festival.  Amazing…

August 10, 2011
Mackie Sponsors DW Drums Traveling Gallery Tour

DW Drums Traveling Gallery TourMackie is a proud sponsor of DW’s Traveling Gallery 2011 Tour featuring John Good and Billy Ward. It’s DW’s first mobile showroom clinic tour and it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for people to get intimate with everything that DW offers. It will offer a mix of clinic-style performances from John and Billy as well as jams with guest performers all across the country.

Mackie has partnered with DW to provide PA support for all the great performances. Gear that we’ve provide includes SRM450v2s, SRM350v2s,…