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Questions about DL Mixers and iPad Compatibility? We Have Answers

November 15, 2013

Do you have an iPad and are not sure what DL Mixer to get?

Maybe you have recently purchased a DL Mixer (high-five) and you don’t know what iPad to get?

Possibly you’re looking to upgrade your current iPad, but you’re afraid it won’t work with your new DL Mixer? No way!

Whatever your situation is, we’ve got you covered with our new iPad Compatibility Matrix chart. We know technology changes rapidly and we are here to help you keep up with it all. This chart will be updated regularly so as soon as we know something you will too.


2 thoughts on “Questions about DL Mixers and iPad Compatibility? We Have Answers

  1. If the Aux’s are set to follow the Main Mix Mute, why don’t they switch to red to indicate as does the Main Mix Mute button?

  2. I have two mackie dl1608. I want to synch them to the same program(safe snapshot) I try with the iPad but it didn’t go. Is that possible with the iPad or you can do that? I want. To use one and the other for a backup in case of emergency . I want to safe the same settings on both. Is that possible?

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