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Master Fader v2.0 Is Here

November 11, 2013


The Mackie Master Fader app for our DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with iPad Control has continuously evolved since its launch. In just over a year, we’ve added numerous additional features over five releases that have truly added value to DL users. Plus, our Master Fader and My Fader apps are always FREE!

Today, we are extremely excited to announce Master Fader v2.0 is now available! This major update to DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers incorporates some of the most requested feedback from users and adds an abundance of new features and enhancements. There are also some great updates to My Fader – also available now – that reflect this increased functionality.

With so much new stuff, we suggest you thoroughly read through the rest of this story and the release notes before upgrading. You might even want to spend a little time familiarizing yourself before heading out to the gig. Never update 5 minutes before the show starts. Please see our post about being prepared for Master Fader v2.0 when using iOS7 for more information.

Master Fader v2.0 is compatible with iOS5.1 and above.

Here’s an overview of all the great new features that Master Fader v2.0 offers:

Master Fader v2.0 - Channel Linking

Input Channel Linking

Link two adjoining input channels together into a single channel strip.

  • Ideal for stereo input sources like keyboards, submixer outputs, vocal processors, etc.
  • Level control, effects and everything else can now be handled with a single channel strip instead of two
  • This also means you can UNLINK the stereo iPad channel to create two mono channels – great for isolating click tracks from backing tracks


Master Fader v2.0 - Aux Send LinkingAux Send Linking
Link two adjoining aux sends together into a single stereo aux send.

  • Perfect when using in-ear monitors or other stereo output destinations like broadcast feeds and recording devices, etc.
  • Allows singular control over two connected aux outputs including level control, GEQ and compression
  • Option for channels to use a separate aux pan instead of the main L/R channel pan.


Master Fader v2.0 - Mute GroupsMute Groups

Assign specific input and output channels to one or more of 4 separate mute groups

  • Customizable, extensive control of channel muting
  • Great for applications with rotating musicians on stage, broadcast, House of Worship and more



viewsView Groups

Assign each input channel to one or more of 4 separate view groups

  • Only see the channels you want to see
  • Improve your organization and navigate faster
  • Great for hiding channels from musicians when paired with access limiting



Master Fader v2.0 - Pre-DSP Aux SourcePre-DSP Aux Source
Choose a pre-DSP channel source for aux sends

  • Ideal when
  •  using auxes for monitor mixes
  • Apply channel effects like compression to the main mix without affecting monitor mixes


Master Fader v2.0 - Quick Access PanelQuick Access Panel
An entire new control area accessible from any view that allows for quick control over critical functions including:

  • Clear Solo – Easily clear all solos
  • Effects controls – global reverb mute, global delay mute, delay tap control
  • Mute group control – channel assignment, on/off control per mute group
  • View group control – channel assignment, view group select


Master Fader v2.0 - Updated Comp/Limit GraphicsUpdated compressor/limiter graphics

  • Increased size of
  • dynamics graph for more accurate control
  • Addition of stereo metering for both inputs and outputs
  • New input, output and gain reduction metering for accurate control and monitoring



Master Fader v2.0 - Aux / LR Mute ChoiceOption for independent channel aux mute for each aux send

  • Control aux mutes and main mix mutes independently for each channel and aux send
  • Great when FOH wants to use auxes to communicate with performers during break
  • Ideal for performers mixing their own monitors, as they now have a mute of their own



Master Fader v2.0 - Main MuteMain Mute

  • Mute the entire main mix with a single button press
  • Great for muting the main PA during song breaks



Navigation enhancements
We’ve made it faster to get around with less touches and swipes making users more productive.

  • Fast access to dynamics – touch the gain reduction meter on the mixer view and jump straight to the dynamics screen
  • Fast access to FX – the reverb and delay channels now show that effect at the top of their respective channel strip. Touching these jumps straight to that effect’s controls
  • Fast return to channel view – when in channel view, touching the small EQ curve at the top of the channel strip gets you right back to the mixer view


My Fader v2.0 New Features
Of course, My Fader users want to take advantage of some of these great new features. My Fader v2.0 is also coming soon, with the following new features to ensure seamless functionality with Master Fader.

Mackie My Fader v2.0- L/R ViewInput Channel Linking
Just like Master Fader, you can link two adjoining input channels into a single channel strip. On My Fader, this allows singular control over channel level, mute and channel ID functions.

Aux Send Linking
Link two adjoining auxes and control aux level, mute and channel ID from one aux layer.

Groups_iPhone_r1_11-11-2013Mute Group Support
Access any of the 4 mute groups that have already been set up by an iPad running Master Fader. This is great for anyone who runs their own sound, but uses My Fader on stage for convenience.

View Group Support
Access any of the 4 view groups that have already been set up by an iPad running Master Fader. When combined with access limiting, this drastically simplifies the view for a performer mixing their own monitors on stage.

My Fader v2.0 is compatible with iOS6 and above.


There’s even more to come with future Master Fader / My Fader updates. Got a feature to request? Visit mackie.uservoice.com and either vote up an existing feature request or submit your own.

We truly thank you for supporting Mackie. Happy mixing!

23 thoughts on “Master Fader v2.0 Is Here

  1. 1. thx the MF2.
    2. the new DEVICE menu is scab. (sorry) The edges of all buttons are rounded. Except for this one.
    3. ch1 is unusable, when QUICK ACCES PANEL is visible.

  2. I remember all the people over the past year, commenting on the new feature they wanted most. It usually ended with, ‘Unless you add feature X, I’ll never buy one, and the whole mixer is useless.’
    Oh, the abuse you have put up with!
    I personally want to thank everyone who has put their programming skills into this new version, and I want to particularly thank the people who have fielded all these nasty messages from owners and prospective owners. I love the mixer now: I’m sure I’ll love it more with the upgrade.
    Thanks again for your tolerance! I don’t think I could do your job.

  3. Nice app ! I hope that the Windows version will be available soon for use on my Windows Phone and my Windows Surface !

  4. Will you consider the ability to copy channels in your next version of Master Fader. Its usefull when EQing a wireless lav mic and copying over to other channels to save time.

  5. Awesome!! Great choice of features. Really love the view groups. For me, usually have to focus on lead vocals and guitars (3). They are never in the right place on the mixer. The separate mutes on each aux is also really useful for us. Lots of times I want to mute a channel in the mains and if I don’t un-mute it fast enough, player on stage goes nuts. Great value for the $$$. I did some surprisingly big gigs this summer with the 1608 and people were knocked out. They loved me doing sound check standing next to them. Thanks Mackie! Great job. JimB – Burien, WA

  6. How about adding the access to a digi 16ch stage box snake, and the software to accommodate 16 more ch.. Often times I need just 3 or 4 more channels, 16 is just not enough. So I have to carry my big 32 for that gig.

  7. What happened to the fx eq’s? The ability to quick access is handy, but the ability to eq the verb and delay was a necessity. I was tolerating the fx by using the eq, now it looks as though I’ll have to go to an external fx processor. Not good. Not happy.

  8. Initial thoughts on using DL806 for first time last night after only taking delivery on Tuesday! (I like living close to the edge). Anyway, great results and it turned out to be lifesaver as I was tucked away round a corner with the desk so could come out and hear more than just the usual muffled off-axis sounds that present themselves on such occasions. I did need to make some graphic changes mid-gig which is no great problem but found the close proximity of the mute button a bit unnerving. I didn’t mute it though but was very very careful. Maybe a thought for future. Unless of course, when I get round to reading the manual there might be a less stressful option – apologies in advance if that is the case. Otherwise, first night over and confident for the future.

  9. Hi, the update caught me by surprise, but it was a pleasant one. Nice new features and still as intuitive as ever.
    For a later update why not add a real time frequency analyser onto the eq screens? A nice flowing red set of real time feedback spikes to let me see where the bad frequencies are flying around.
    It would also be useful to see the gain setting from the mixer shown on the ipad screen.
    Also, could you put the currently selected LR, A1, A2 etc letter onto the slider controls perhaps (or somewhere on each channel strip) as an extra reminder of which output I’m about to play about with.
    Last thought for now, I do a lot of gigs where Mics get moved around the stage for different bands. It would be great if I could drag and drop channels into a different order so that they retain their numbers but appear in the same left to right sequence as where the Mics now are on the stage.
    As a keen amateur this app is a dream, I’d love to see it improve still further!

    • Both of those iPads can be used wirelessly with any DL mixer. We are working now on tray solutions for both of these new iPads that will allow them to be docked in a DL mixer with the Lightning connector.

  10. holas como estan quiciera pedir su ayuda urgente la nesesito( esto lo k paso con mi mackie dl16 ya ise la prueba de sonido y todo ya estaba funcionando y en pleno evento se corto es como si ubiera muteado todo. no reconoce wired nose como se puede arreglar eso porfavor y meti mi ipad a otra mackie dl16 y da normal pero en el mio noda x favor coo puedo arreglarlo

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    There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic
    but I had to tell someone!

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