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Be Prepared for Master Fader v2.0

November 1, 2013

Important Info for iOS7 Users

Master Fader v2.0 is just around the corner and we want you to be prepared. There is one important MasterFader_largething iOS7 users should be aware of before this update happens. iOS7 has a new feature allowing the operating system to update apps automatically. These updates can happen before you’re even aware of them. This feature is great for consumer apps like games. However, for professional apps like Master Fader, and MyFader, an automatic update could leave you at a show needing to do an unexpected firmware update. Since updating the firmware can take up to 15 minutes, this may cause serious problems by delaying setup or the start of your show. Obviously this is not something you want to happen and we don’t either.

Because we want you to be able to update when you want and on your own time, we strongly encourage you to disable this automatic app update feature on all of your iOS7 devices.

Here’s how to disable automatic app updates and not get caught off guard at your next gig:

  1. Launch Settings App
  2. Select “iTunes & App Store”
  3. Under Automatic Downloads slide the switch for Updates to Off

Master Fader Guide Screen Shot

If you decide to disable this feature as recommended, updates to Master Fader and MyFader will happen as they have before iOS7:

  1. You are notified of a Master Fader or My Fader update through the iOS App Store.
  2. You download and install the update. Boom. The app is updated.
  3. Now, your DL mixer needs a firmware update to work with the new app version. This is quite easy; the app contains the firmware update. The next time you connect your device to your mixer, you will be prompted to do an update. This process can take up to 15 minutes. We strongly recommend you update the mixer immediately after an app update.

We also suggest backing up your idevice to iTunes or iCloud before updating. Click here to learn how to back up and restore your content.

16 thoughts on “Be Prepared for Master Fader v2.0

  1. Is MF2 compatible with the original iPad? I have an original iPad running iOS 5.1.1 (the last version supported by that device) docked to my DL1608 for monitor setup, recording and break music and use an iPad 4 wirelessly for FOH. It’s obviously very important that the new version continue to work on both devices, otherwise this becomes a very expensive update.

    • MF2 is compatible with the original iPad. You will be good for this release. However, it is worth noting that future releases may only run with iOS 6 or later. Master Fader v2.0 is ready for your iPad, though.

      • Thanks Mackoids, that’s what I wanted to hear! I trust that a notice will come out prior to any release that turns the original iPad into something more obsolete than it already is? Well, I guess I shouldn’t say obsolete quite yet, since it does a fine job for now as a control surface for my DL1608 and has been permanently assigned to that job. I think it likes its home snuggled inside the mixer. It gets cranky when I remove it to pull recordings :-)

  2. Will 2.0 work with IOS 5.*? I also second the other writer’s request for a date to look forward to. (But, I suppose you don’t want to launch a product poorly the way Obama did before it was ready ;) )

  3. Hi guys, just read your article about updates and backup, the question I have is does this also backup the pre sets , snapshots and shows that I have made?, if not is there a way to do this before updates?. Cheers Phil.

    • In order to back these up, you need to back up your iPad in general. We highly suggest doing this before updating to Master Fader v2.0.

  4. I’m still running operating system version 5.1.1 (iPad 1). Will master fader 2.0 still work?

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