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ZAP! Mackie DL Series Mixers, Lightning and You

September 25, 2013

Mackie DL Series - Lightning

By popular demand, new versions of our DL1608 and DL806 are currently in production that feature the Apple Lightning connector. This will ensure that new customers are able to take advantage of the current generation iPad devices. These new Lightning version DL mixers will be available alongside the 30-pin versions. Talk with your dealer to ensure you get the DL mixer you want.

With DL Series mixers featuring the Apple Lightning connector, users can now dock their iPad (4th generation) without an adapter and use it for playback and recording. Only the connector type is different. Everything else is identical to a DL mixer with a 30-pin connector.

iPad mini users can add the optional iPad mini tray accessory (available through any Mackie dealer) to dock and lock their iPad mini.

NEW – Convert Your Existing 30-Pin DL Mixer to Lightning
But what about all of you who already own a DL mixer with the 30-pin connector? We have solutions in place to get your DL1608 or DL806 working with Lightning version iPad devices. Depending on where you live, there are different options.

International users (anyone outside the U.S.A. or Canada) should contact their local distributor for this service. Here’s a link to our Distributor Locator to find your local source.They can provide more details regarding pricing and processes for this service.

The following info is for U.S.A./Canada customers only. Options include complete install at a service center or the choice to self-install with a couple of service kit types.

We have a dedicated service center in both the U.S. and Canada that can perform this service at a fixed cost. Contact the service center in your country, get an RMA, send them your mixer and they will perform the service. Your warranty will remain intact and they’ll send you back your mixer with a Lightning connector where the 30-pin used to be. If you wish to have them return your 30-pin parts, please request this at the time of service.

You Ess Eh! You Ess Eh!U.S.A. Service Center
ReverTech Solutions
4 East Stow Road
Marlton, NJ 08053
Phone: 856.596.0900
Toll-free: 800.443.5860
Email (preferred): loud-repairs@revertech.com
Cost: $89.99 USD + shipping


Oh Canada!Canada Service Center
Taylor Electronic Services, Inc.
2075 – 16th Ave. E.
Owen Sound, Ontario
Canada, N4K 5N3
Phone: 519.371.7710
Toll-free: 888.371.0779
Fax: 519.371.0813
Email (preferred): info@tescanada.com
Cost: $99.99 CAD + shipping

Feel like you can install this kit yourself? Please read the instructions fully to be sure. There are two different service kits available. Failure to follow the exact instructions may result in personal injury or damage to the DL1608, DL806, iPad or contents of the kit and may void the warranty if not done correctly. Once again, it is strongly recommended that this kit be installed by an authorized Mackie service center.

Mackie DL Series - Lightning Tray Kit

Service Kit 1- Lightning Tray Kit 
This service kit is the easiest to install, since you will replace the entire tray. The tools needed are relatively standard; you’ll only need a Phillips screwdriver. Before considering this service fully read the instructions to ensure you have the tools and skills needed to perform the service. Here’s a link to the instructions. This service kit can be purchased directly from our parts department at a cost of $99.99 USD + shipping. Ask for PART # 2039276.



Mackie DL Series - Lightning Dock Kit

Service Kit 2 – Lightning Dock Kit 
This service kit requires non-standard tools and additional skill to install since you are installing just the dock connector and not the entire tray. Before considering this service fully read the instructions to ensure you have the tools and skills needed to perform the service. Here’s a link to the instructions. This service kit can be purchased directly from our parts department at a cost of $49.99 + shipping. Ask for PART # 2042300.


Still feeling like DIY is the way to go? Call our friendly service department at 800.898.3211 (Toll free US) or +1 866 858 5832 (Canada) and order the kit of your choice.

With these brand new Lightning version DL mixers and options to upgrade your existing 30-pin mixer, both legacy and new iPad customers can enjoy using their Mackie DL Series mixer for years to come. Feel free to reach out to our tech support team if you have any questions. You can email them at techmail@mackie.com or, if in the U.S.A. or Canada, you can call 800.898.3211.

29 thoughts on “ZAP! Mackie DL Series Mixers, Lightning and You

  1. Sweet! I have been using my new iPad wirelessly and it has worked great. The ability to switch over to Lightning and get the recording/playback/charging for my iPad is perfect. I am contacting your service center today!

    • I would have liked to know about it in advance before I purchased the latest iPad. Bought the mixer, can’t even use it now that I have to BUY and WAIT for this conversion kit. Kind of annoying on both mackie and apples parts.

      • You can certainly use your iPad wirelessly with the DL mixer now. Any iPad runs Master Fader and the only features that docking provides is the ability to record the main mix or stream music in from a music app. So, sorry you have to wait, etc, but you can certainly start using your mixer now.

  2. I sure hope that 16-channel recording will be coming soon now that bandwidth on the connector is not an issue!

  3. You guys really nailed it with this product. I would market to DJ’s a little more.

    I am a musician/producer who has followed the money and is now a wedding. My knowledge of good sound is what gives me the edge over my competitors. Professional DJ’s like me don’t mind investing in their system because really the sound system is the star of the show. With a live band the personalities on the stage playing their instruments are the entertainment. With a DJ the entertainment is all in sound quality and song selection and it better sound better than what they can get at home.

    My investment in the DL1608 was minimal after trading in all the gear that the DL1608 replaces. I traded my DBX166 compressor, crossover, rack mixer and 31 band eq. I believe the difference was like 200 bucks. With the DL1608 I have a whole lot less to carry, remote control, screen memory and enough inputs to mix a band if I had to (has happened twice this summer).

    I love it…

    I especially enjoy compressing the output to my sub (Mackie team consider making a crossover plugin). I use aux1 as a output to my sub and EQ out all of the high and extreme low 35hz and lower to get the most out of my sub while limiting it to protect it from clipping.


    I use aux2 as an output to my booth monitor with very little bass.

    The DL1608 is limitless and is a dangerous weapon to control your sound.

    And I love the low latency…

    And I love the fact that it sits right beside my DJ laptop.

    And I love the fact that I can use my iPad to search the charts without interrupting my DJ application.

    The DL1608 is fricken phenomenal for any DJ.

  4. Hola que tal soy de México y estoy usando una dl1608 y estamos muy satisfechos con el equipo, el problema es que tenemos la iPad 4 generación y quisiéramos obtener el adaptador para esta,

  5. que tal soy de tijuana mexico, y ocupo ayuda sobre como puedo sincronizar mi dl1608 con mi airport epress, 2da generacion.
    puedo usar el ipad conectado al dispositivo, pero si lo separo de la consola deja de funcionar.
    por su atencion gracias

  6. Dear Mackie,

    I am considering getting the DL1608 to replace my analog mixer. Are you planning to make any other hardware changes to the DL for 2014? Hopefully a pair of RCA stereo input connections and a dedicated stereo channel other than the internal iPad one? If there are hardware changes in the works for 2014 I will hold off getting one this year.
    I love the concept of the unit. I am already a Mackie mixer owner and really love it! Wireless mixing would be so great to use at the school venues I run sound at!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

    Yours in music,

    Braden Pletzer

    • While we won’t often get into the future of product lines, it is safe to say that the DL806 and DL1608 have probably seen their last hardware update until a revision line comes along, though that wouldn’t happen for a long time. So, you are good. There are, however, more app updates planned to offer increased features an functionality, so that is a plus.

  7. Really interested in getting the DL1608, mainly for wireless operation, but concerned about using wireless in a hall with about 100 people all with their smartphones running all at once even if I use an Apple Air Express Router set to 5.8GHz band. Will I run into issues, drop outs, etc?

  8. Buenas noches, me llamo jose ferrer de venezuela, actualmente poseo varias consolas dl1608, pero debido a la actualizacion los 3 ipad 1 quedaron desabilitado para usarlos con la consola es posible conseguir el software anterior, mientras que adquiero los nuevos ipad.

    Jose Ferrer

  9. 1608 mixer with 400 firewire long in the tooth. How about 800 firewire out or USB 2.0 – 3.0 card option. Thanks !

  10. Dear Mackie,
    I know this is impossible with the current DL1608 hardware, but is it possible to add USB IO for connection to laptops for data storage (scene backup) and possibly even audio streaming and recording in the next generation of digital mixers?

      • Yes, some sort of D/I (Digital Out), for the 16 Channels would help.
        and ability to link 2 or more units together.
        Sadly, I need to buy a mixer now, so it looks like I will be buying
        this DL 1608, and 2 more if you make this updated suggestions,
        and keep your price reasonable.
        Love your Products.
        BTW: Since I have your attention.
        As a Studio owner since 1993, I really HATE THAT YOU Discontinued
        the LM3204 Line Mixer, and made no replacement.
        the key here is 16 STEREO IN’s WITH AT LEAST 3 BAND EQ,
        in a RACKMOUNT.
        I have issues with mine, and I am still using it til the death,
        that’s how great a unit it was.
        it was a major key, to my sound.

        • YEAH what he said,,,,make a digital linked master\ slave,,,for side car expansion ,,,,,and while your at it a make a linkable recorder for a mulitrack app with full tracking for all channels ,,,not a lap-top and soild state….recorder,,,,with ….zero latentcy

  11. I just got my DL1608L today and was disappointed to see that my brand-new iPad Air doesn’t fit securely in the tray! I then started poking around the documentation and found that you guys are stating that the iPad Air tray insert is “in development”. What is the current time frame I’m looking at for this tray?


  12. I have the same question. Ipad Air does not fit the tray correcctly. Maybe a tray that is manually adjustable to fit the Ipad air.

  13. The lightning conversion instructions say the mixers firmware must be updated. Where can I find this update? Thanks

    • The mixer firmware update is within the Master Fader app. Just make sure you have installed the latest version of Master Fader from the App Store and you will be good.

  14. Olá Boa noite!
    Estou muito interessando na mackie DL1608. Queria Saber se tem como expandir para 20 canais ou mais canais.
    Pois até agora pude perceber que ela só tem 16 canais e não tem como expandir. é isso?

    • Olá,

      Há um grande interesse em um misturador DL com uma contagem de canal maior. Eu não tenho nenhuma notícia neste momento, mas certamente é algo que todo mundo pediu e nós levamos isso muito a sério.

  15. Ciao,
    come faccio a collegare un iPad con connttore 30 pin al nuovo DL1608 (lighting)? Esiste un convertitore?
    Graie, Luigi

    • Ciao ,

      Sì ! C’è un kit di conversione disponibili . È possibile ordinare questo kit attraverso il distributore Mackie in Italia .

      Ecco le loro informazioni di contatto :

      Casale Bauer
      Via IV Novembre , 6-8L – 40057 Cadriano di Granarolo
      Telefono : ( 0039 ) -051-766-648
      Web : http://www.casalebauer.com
      Email : info@casalebauer.com

      Ci scusiamo per la cattiva traduzione in italiano . Sto usando Google per questo !

  16. will the 30 pin to lighting adaptor a $ 10-$20 cable function . if docking a i-pad mini w/lighting connector to a 30pin connector mixer…Knowing it will not securely mount to the DL806…will it function fully?

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