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Mackie Announces Master Fader v2.0 – Tons of New Features Coming Soon

September 25, 2013

Mackie Master Fader / My Fader v2.0

The Mackie Master Fader app for our DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with iPad Control has been continuously evolving since it was launched. In just over a year, we’ve added numerous additional features over five releases that have truly added value to DL users. Plus, our Master Fader and My Fader apps are always FREE!

Today, we are extremely excited to announce a major update to Mackie’s DL Series Digital Live Sound Mixers with the all-new Master Fader v2.0. This update incorporates some of the most requested feedback from users and adds a veritable plethora of new features and enhancements. There are also some great updates to My Fader that reflect this increased functionality.

With so much new stuff, we suggest your thoroughly read through the rest of this story and the release notes before upgrading. You might even want to spend a little time familiarizing yourself before heading out to the gig. Never update 5 minutes before the show starts.

Here’s an overview of all the great new features that Master Fader v2.0 offers:

Master Fader v2.0 - Channel Linking

Input Channel Linking

Link two adjoining input channels together into a single channel strip.

  • Ideal for stereo input sources like keyboards, submixer outputs, vocal processors, etc.
  • Level control, effects and everything else can now be handled with a single channel strip instead of two
  • This also means you can UNLINK the stereo iPad channel to create two mono channels – great for isolating click tracks from backing tracks


Master Fader v2.0 - Aux Send LinkingAux Send Linking
Link two adjoining aux sends together into a single stereo aux send.

  • Perfect when using in-ear monitors or other stereo output destinations like broadcast feeds and recording devices, etc.
  • Allows singular control over two connected aux outputs including level control, GEQ and compression
  • Option for channels to use a separate aux pan instead of the main L/R channel pan.


Master Fader v2.0 - Mute GroupsMute Groups

Assign specific input and output channels to one or more of 4 separate mute groups

  • Customizable, extensive control of channel muting
  • Great for applications with rotating musicians on stage, broadcast, House of Worship and more



viewsView Groups

Assign each input channel to one or more of 4 separate view groups

  • Only see the channels you want to see
  • Improve your organization and navigate faster
  • Great for hiding channels from musicians when paired with access limiting



Master Fader v2.0 - Pre-DSP Aux SourcePre-DSP Aux Source
Choose a pre-DSP channel source for aux sends

  • Ideal when
  •  using auxes for monitor mixes
  • Apply channel effects like compression to the main mix without affecting monitor mixes


Master Fader v2.0 - Quick Access PanelQuick Access Panel
An entire new control area accessible from any view that allows for quick control over critical functions including:

  • Clear Solo – Easily clear all solos
  • Effects controls – global reverb mute, global delay mute, delay tap control
  • Mute group control – channel assignment, on/off control per mute group
  • View group control – channel assignment, view group select


Master Fader v2.0 - Updated Comp/Limit GraphicsUpdated compressor/limiter graphics

  • Increased size of
  • dynamics graph for more accurate control
  • Addition of stereo metering for both inputs and outputs
  • New input, output and gain reduction metering for accurate control and monitoring



Master Fader v2.0 - Aux / LR Mute ChoiceOption for independent channel aux mute for each aux send

  • Control aux mutes and main mix mutes independently for each channel and aux send
  • Great when FOH wants to use auxes to communicate with performers during break
  • Ideal for performers mixing their own monitors, as they now have a mute of their own



Master Fader v2.0 - Main MuteMain Mute

  • Mute the entire main mix with a single button press
  • Great for muting the main PA during song breaks



Navigation enhancements
We’ve made it faster to get around with less touches and swipes making users more productive.

  • Fast access to dynamics – touch the gain reduction meter on the mixer view and jump straight to the dynamics screen
  • Fast access to FX – the reverb and delay channels now show that effect at the top of their respective channel strip. Touching these jumps straight to that effect’s controls
  • Fast return to channel view – when in channel view, touching the small EQ curve at the top of the channel strip gets you right back to the mixer view


My Fader v2.0 New Features
Of course, My Fader users want to take advantage of some of these great new features. My Fader v2.0 is also coming soon, with the following new features to ensure seamless functionality with Master Fader.

Mackie My Fader v2.0- L/R ViewInput Channel Linking
Just like Master Fader, you can link two adjoining input channels into a single channel strip. On My Fader, this allows singular control over channel level, mute and channel ID functions.

Aux Send Linking
Link two adjoining auxes and control aux level, mute and channel ID from one aux layer.

Mackie My Fader v2.0

Mute Group Support
Access any of the 4 mute groups that have already been set up by an iPad running Master Fader. This is great for anyone who runs their own sound, but uses My Fader on stage for convenience.

View Group Support
Access any of the 4 view groups that have already been set up by an iPad running Master Fader. When combined with access limiting, this drastically simplifies the view for a performer mixing their own monitors on stage.


There’s even more to come with future Master Fader / My Fader updates. Got a feature to request? Visit mackie.uservoice.com and either vote up an existing feature request or submit your own.

We truly thank you for supporting Mackie. Happy mixing!

60 thoughts on “Mackie Announces Master Fader v2.0 – Tons of New Features Coming Soon

  1. Does setting an aux to “pre DSP” mean that the channel dynamics and channel eq are not in the aux or that the dynamics are not in the aux but the eq is?

      • We should have the option of pre or post eq. I know this is much harder to do that just pre or post dsp, but it would be extreamly useful.

        • Exactly! My FOH and monitor boxes are essentially the same, so any channel eq I do for the mains is desirable in the mons as well. Just don’t want the comp. Also be able to switch this per channel. Also hope you’ll be able to add input and output delays in the future. That has a lot of votes on the suggestion page.

          Thanks for the great update!

        • Thanks, I guessed that would be the case. It would be nice to have eq but no comps on the aux but maybe in a future update :-)


  2. Hi! We have been waiting for so long. Thank you, you lived up to our expectations and did not let enemies nor any chance to gloat. Bravo. Thank you.

  3. Great update …thanks , just a couple of questions
    1. Now the eq graphic has been replace on the fx channel, are we still able to eq the FXs ?

    2. Are we able to disable the main L/R mute in ‘access limit’ with out disabling access to all the channel mutes ( I tend to alter the main L\R Graphic during the show and the mute looks a little close to it spelling disaster for my fat chubby sausage fingers ).
    Once again thanks for a great update.

    • 1. Yes, you can still swipe up/down on the processing for that channel and you can still access EQ
      2. The main mute is not specifically addressed. You can still lock out all mutes or just block access to the main mix fade.

  4. congratulations have done a great job with this update, now that sounds a song from the iPad it must be connected to the DL, it would be possible to control the music app from the app My Fader?? what sound when the tracks do not have to be in front of the mixer.

  5. as Giancarlo asked… any hint of whether or not a 24 or 32 channel DL mixer is on the horizon????


    This 2.0 is completely awesome!!!!

    good things come to those who wait.

  6. 1. How about level / Vu meters for inputs being selectable pre / post fader. It is hard to mix harmonizing vocalists large choral groups, and drum kits with level meters only showing input levels. (This is the only mixer I know that only shows pre-fader input levels. What’s up with that?).

    2. How about aux inputs being pre / post input fader? (If I change the gain in one of my inputs I would like it to be reflected on my monitor mix. Say a backup vocalist is the main vocalist on a particular song and now needs to be predominant in the monitor mix and the normally lead vocalist needs to be reduced. Or if a mic or instrument is only used on some numbers bringing up the gain on the house should bring up the gain in my monitor mixes.

    • Agree totally with number 1 above. How about a switchable input pad for iPad channel. How about a way to switch the iPad channel to another stereo efx ch. if not playing break music? They should have improved and added to the built in efx, and preset libraries.

  7. Hi, It would be great if you add the way to copy preset shows and to move the same presets shows in Shows view. I work with a vocal band and I need to change in the same song between different shows presets. However, if I have a different show where I want to move the order of the show presets or I want to copy the presets between On show to another I cannot copy or move them.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH Mackie, you did so many things right!! Short of a new version of the unit with thunderbolt, 16-channel recording, built-in Wi-fi, lexicon-licensed reverb, and half the rountrip latency, this is about as perfect as we could have hoped for – this will help a ton! Thank you!

  9. It would be great to see grow and glow on output EQ for offending feedback on LR and auxs … I would say most live sound guys would love this!! IMO

  10. Can I have separate EQ mixes on AUX versus MAIN? This would enable me to EQ monitors different from the MAINS.

  11. You could make that Tap button in the Access panel larger (say.., nice and square) for those with sausage fingers so as to stay off that Mute button, besides the fact that there is just plenty of room there

    • Also assigning seperate coloring to the view and mute groups for easier quick identification would be a nice addition there as well (at a later date of course, we wouldn’t want to slow the release date up!) ;)

      • BTW, I’ll be the first in line for the 24 and/or 32 ch. version!
        Love my Mackie! Thanks for working hard to give us musician/sound guys want we want and need!



  14. Would be nice if you could include the FX channels in mute groups,
    And put that master mute on the settings page so it is not hit by accident , and 4 mute butons in the top bar so they are allways available.
    And on the myfader it would be nice with a whole page displaying the new access panel


  15. I don’t even have this mixer yet and I’m anxious to get this update! Anyone willing to leak the release date?

  16. This is a great little powerpacked mixer, and I love working with it..
    Is there anyway to playback your recording done on Master Fader in the iPad or perhaps to record on another app running with Master Fader app to Playback immediatly?

    • If you record through Master Fader, you can only access your recordings when you connect the iPad through a computer through iTunes. There are many other recording apps that can run in the background alongside Master Fader that you can record to. Almost any recording app, really. Cubase comes to mind. Check out a great forum our users have set up for DL mixers. They have tons of experience using different recording apps and are a great source to chat with. Here’s that forum: http://cacophony.aspinock.com/index.php?board=26.0

  17. Hi,

    the DL806 is our first mackie mixer.
    It is a great tool.
    Only what we need is a delay in the outputs.
    Come this in the next update?

    Thanks for this new feature.

  18. I have a big problem with my DL1608 , after I upgraded my ipad to ios7 don’t recor I try it many times and when I check the tracks they said 8k and I’m not the only one more people ask me, please I need a big help or make shore the v2.0 don’t have that issue.

    • Wow, that’s messed up. I try not to upgrade apple os till I get an ok from friends and articles. Been screwed up by them once before. They are always changing things and not always for the better. Which iPad do you have? 1, 2, 3 or 4th Generation…..

    • Master Fader v2.0 is not available yet. But, it will be available soon. You will see the update in your App Store notifications once it is available. We will also post here and on our social network outlets to announce the release.

      • Hallo Mackie, thanks for your reply. Can´t wait for v2.0.
        I do have some suggestions for a later update:
        – the musicsignal from ITunes comes in the channel real load. The output level of ITunes can’t be used, and there’s no gain for the Ipad input channel. How about a -20 db switch/pad ?

        – it would be nice if you could copy/paste channel eq/dynamics/effects settings from one channel to another

        – i would like to have some more scaling in the dynamics, so i can see the ratio (1/2 1/4 etc.) i choose. The same with gain etc.

        greetings from Groningen, Holland

  19. La makie dl806 es la consola digital más increíble del mercado, super facil usar y el precio es estupendo, pero me pregunto porque no hacen una con 22 o 24 canales y con las ganancias programables!!!!!!

  20. Consola extremadamente útil y buena!! La he usado en salas de conciertos y en exteriores y le pondría un 10 si no fuera por UNA SÓLA COSA… Lo único o de lo poco que le falla.. es que no tiene PAD de atenuación -10dB o -20dB cómo cualquier mesa de directo.. y eso encuentro que es un fallo.. yo he pasado un email a los de mackie a ver si se puede hacer algo vía software, estaría bien que todos los que os encontreis en la misma situación lo comentarais, a ver si pueden hacer algo al respeto, porque la verdad, esta mesa es una pasada!!!

  21. Extremely useful and good console!! I have used her in rooms of concerts and in exteriors and it him would put 10 if it was not for A ONE THING… The only thing or of the little that him fails .. it is that it does not have PAD of attenuation-10dB or-20dB how any Live Mixer.. and I find it that it is a failure .. I have spent an e-mail to them of mackie to see if route can do to him a little software, it would be nice that all that you encontreis in the same situation you were commenting on it, to seeing if they can do something to the respect, because the truth, this table is the past one!!!

  22. Hallo Mackie,
    I´ve got a question. I´ve got a mic in channel one, gain up, everything is fine. But if i turn up the gain for channel 2, there´s no mic in there, the inputmeter begins to show some input. If i listen into the channel there´s nothing you can hear. Whats happening ?

  23. Hallo Mackie,
    I can’t get the wireless setup of mu 1608 going.
    Apple Airport Express A1392 connected to the mixer trough the ethernet (not the WAN) connecter of the Airport Xpress.
    The Ipad set up a wifi network for the router.
    I have downloaded Airport configuration, which says the connection is ok.
    But when i take the Ipad out of the Mackie i stops working.
    Any suggestions ?

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