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VIDEO: A Better Weapon – Mackie DL/DLM System

January 24, 2013

Mackie DL/DLM System - A Better Weapon

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not down with this whole “zombie apocalypse” thing…but at least you get a killer crowd.

The power of a Mackie DL/DLM System is undeniable. That’s why its the ultimate weapon for the apocalypse. Check out the amazing follow-up to the popular “You Go Through Vladimir” promo vid for our DLM Series 2000W Powered Loudspeakers.

Is your system up to the challenge? Check out the vid to find out.

Wanna watch the original vid? Here you go.

For more information on this powerful, portable and potent system visit www.mackie.com/SimplyAdvanced.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: A Better Weapon – Mackie DL/DLM System

  1. Hello, I have a small niteclub in Dayton, Ohio which has residential units on next two floors. Present system sends shock waves throughout building via large base speakers. Have you a method that might meet the sound needs of the club with less effect to upper tenants.

    • Yeah, bass frequencies do that. There is no good solution to your problem. You could suck out all the low frequencies, but I doubt that is what your customers want. Consider talking with the live sound experts on the Mackie forums. I am sure they will have some great ideas.

  2. Does this setup work if you break your iPad?

    This setup would be sweet if it was offered with a simple powered analog mixer as an option for those that aren’t hip to the ipad thing.. But i’m sure Mackie has products that are more suited to that flavor.

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