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Tracktion Has a New Home

January 30, 2013

Tracktion Software Corporation Newly formed Tracktion Software Corporation takes ownership and launches all-new Tracktion 4

ANAHEIM, CA – January 24, 2013 – Mackie today announces the sale and transition of Tracktion Music Production Software to the Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC). TSC is led by three principals; Julian ‘Jules’ Storer, the original creator of Tracktion as well as former “Mackoids” James ‘Woody’ Woodburn and Dave Christenson.

“With Mackie’s continued focus on creating innovative hardware solutions, the choice to transition Tracktion to TSC was clear,” said Matt Redmon, Mackie product manager. “TSC is fully dedicated to the development, support and marketing of Tracktion. Their experience with the DAW market and intimate knowledge of Tracktion made them the perfect group to take Tracktion into the future.”

Tracktion is a fantastic platform that offers a radically easy approach to composing, recording, editing, mixing and sharing music on a Mac or PC. Based on a simple single-screen interface, Tracktion is the fast, powerful and complete solution for music production at any level.

“We are proud to announce not only the acquisition of Tracktion Music Production Software, but that Tracktion 4 is available immediately,” remarked James Woodburn of Tracktion Software Corporation. “New and existing users can download the powerful new software today and start working on their next project.”

Tracktion 4 will be made available via the Tracktion website (www.tracktion.com) during the 2013 NAMM show. This latest version builds on the popular features of Tracktion 3, however, with a significant upgrade. The Tracktion engine has been completely re-written such that it is now fully optimized for the very latest operating systems – both Mac and PC – along with 64-bit processing, WMA, AU and WASAPI support. This allows Tracktion to run extremely efficiently on a wide range of computers – allowing the user to get the very best performance from their system – a big plus given that Tracktion is a completely unlimited application.

As the new owner of Tracktion, TSC now also manages www.tracktion.com, the new source for Tracktion product information and application download along with product resources and a dedicated Tracktion user forum. As of January 24th, customers purchasing a new Mackie product that includes Tracktion can download Tracktion 4 immediately. There will also be an upgrade path for existing Tracktion users via www.tracktion.com.


6 thoughts on “Tracktion Has a New Home

  1. After Mackie left so many people hanging with Tracktion 2 & 3, it would seem to me, the right thing to do, after a heartfelt apology for walking out on your customers, would be to give those customers with proper registration numbers, a free upgrade to Tracktion 4.

    After it became evident Tracktion 3 couldn’t be depended on, we went to The COCKOS REAPER DAW program, costing $ 50.00 dollars and in all the time we have been using it, NOT ONE FAILURE. !

    You simply can’t run a commercial studio, and make a profit, if your main piece of software keeps failing.


    I would like to see a list of what is so different in this release as compared to Tracktion 2 and 3.

    Better luck this time !

    Norm Elder

  2. So did Mackie also sell the C4 Commander software? I’ve got an expensive pile of hardware here thats pretty useless without Logic

  3. I am SOOOO stoked that you guys decided to update and come out with the new Tracktion 4!!! Will be downloading it really soon to my recording computer in my studio! Tracktion is the best! Thank you!!! And BTW, you’re phone support has always been second to none!! Mackie/Loud Technologies ROCKS!!! Keep up the great work! (^:~

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