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Mackie Announces Update of Master Fader Control App for DL Series Live Mixers

January 24, 2013

Master Fader v1.4 - Coming Soon

Choice of Vintage or Modern Dynamics and Improved Snapshot Operation Lead Feature Updates


Vintage Compressor

Vintage Compressor

Mackie today announces the next update to the powerful Master Fader control application for the DL1608 and new DL806 digital live sound mixers. Master Fader v1.4 will deliver host of new features sure to please DL mixer user including a new selection of channel plug-ins and improved snapshot operation driven by customer interaction.

“Try adding an entirely new EQ or dynamics section to your average mixer,” commented Ben Olswang, Mackie Product Manager. “You’re going to need more than a screwdriver. With a Mackie DL series mixer, it’s as easy as updating the app from your iPad.

Master Fader - Vintage EQ

Vintage EQ

Master Fader v1.4 features an entirely new selection of vintage processing. After extensive analysis, development and testing, the new vintage EQ, compressor and gate deliver the sought-after musical characteristics of your favorite industry-standard processors. The vintage compressor and gate provide a lightning-fast attack, non-linear attack/release and program dependent release making them great for drums and other transient sources. The vintage EQ captures the unique interactions between the shelving bands and the gain and frequency-dependent Q structure of the parametric band to deliver the clarity and sheen of classic EQ designs. This EQ is great for getting vocals, guitars and other instruments to sit perfectly in a mix. Now, DL users can choose between clean, surgical modern processing and the new range of classic vintage plug-ins for more flexibility in use.

Show Management

Updated Show Management

In addition, a huge update to the show management and overall snapshot operation makes DL mixers even better for users with complex shows and multiple wireless devices. With DL series mixers the users can snap a photo of the band with their iPad camera or choose from a selection of handy icons and use this as channel ID. With v1.4 these images are now synched between all wireless devices connected to the mixer. The snapshot system will also store and recall these images across devices and the user can add an image to each show to help with identification. Plus, shows now load in the background, keeping all wireless devices online when a show is changed. And, of course, shows will seamlessly transfer between the DL1608 and new DL806.

Master Fader v1.4 will be available soon for free download from the App Store (Existing users will be able to update directly on their iPad)

Mackie has also announced the My Fader™ control app for iPhone and iPod touch. For complete details on this entirely new control application coming soon from Mackie click here.

Master Fader will continue to see frequent updates that drastically increase the feature set.  For more information on My Fader, Master Fader and the DL1608/DL806 and to check system/device compatibility requirements visit www.mackie.com/DLSeries.



16 thoughts on “Mackie Announces Update of Master Fader Control App for DL Series Live Mixers

  1. Have the 1608, love it! BUT, what if you put out an app I can run on my Macbook pro? I’m sitting here with all these apple devices and thinking how cool it would be if I could just leave the ipad in the mixer for someone else to run the live show, while I log in with my macbook and use a recording-suite! But you haven’t built it yet, so I can’t… Also, I’d want a full live-mix control suite for the mac too, because then if I wanted to jump in and tweak something, I could… (Just a thought, probably wouldn’t be that hard for you, since I imagine you developed the ipad apps on a macbook originally, right??)

  2. Can you implement a pre-fader, pre-DSP option for Aux sends. FOH channel EQ and dynamics Should not be linked to the AUX sends

    • Yes , I agree..
      AUX sends should be a choice, pre or post and NOT GLOBAL.
      You can’t tell me that it is not possible.
      Our company builds GUI’s for symetrix, that the IPAD controls remotely. FROM SCRATCH. we can do it, why can’t you ?
      Yamaha LS9 / M7cl — works flawlessly, GUI on PC..
      Presonus SL 16.4.2 works great, has the SAME FLAW as this.
      AUX are PRE or POST, but GLOBAL… Sheesh…WHY ?
      Mackie, you guys build MIXERS for god sake. What is the problem here ? DSP load ?
      I would pay 100 dollars more for the added DSP.. With it you could do independant EQ / COMP / Effects per channel to AUX sends also.. Independant mix per AUX send..
      Like a true FOH, split to Monitor board setup.
      Making this a truly sophisticated, piece of hardware / software / wireless control..
      Even for IEM (in ear monitors) setups this is TRULY NEEDED..
      Let me ask you this.. The members at MACKIE that are band members, what do they say ? You know the answer already..
      I like it now, won’t own it till it’s fixed, and have owned and still own Mackie products.. GET IT RIGHT… I will buy in… But NOT untill this time..
      I can see this is a platform for making Mackie some money, I know they are going to sell PLUGINS.. I can smell it.. Which is not a bad thing.
      But make it right from the thought perspective, of the engineers that will talk their customers into buying it.. This is where the sales happen.
      Come on guys,, we BELIEVE in you, just make the perfect device that you yourselves, would be proud to compete with the largest companies out there in a ENGINEERING CONTEST.. Or GO HOME.

  3. Hello! Please make Linking channels, subgroups, and the ability to records independent tracks!!!!!!

  4. Hi, i have a dl1608 and love it. But please give us the ability to link two channels. I do not wish for more, but the linking! I can not imagine it is a big deal…
    Thank you
    Balint, from Budapest

  5. Please make the possibility to link channels and include the copy & paste function from one channel to another.

    Another issue that you may consider is when you open the channel EQ window and you want to return to the mixer, the mixer buttom and the EQ button are very close, and i accidentally had turned of the EQ a few times.

    But still A Great Mixer!!! Thanks

    • You have the possibility to copy and paste whole channel -you touch at the channel and at “presets ” you save the settings and you touch at different channel and do “recall” from the memory that you saved at presets

  6. How about making it ping the room like the DBX drive rack does that would make it much easyer to set the EQ

  7. Got to use the DL1608 for the first time, I have been an audio engineer for 20 years. Just a few observations here.

    For the price point of this mixer the features are awesome. You can hear the compressor change as you change the parameters. Sonically I have only used it in a corporate setting and I was happy with it, able to carve out the feedback while having the pa upstage and using omni lavs.

    A couple things I would really like to see in the app should be really simple.

    Having a color option for the faders/input label. Being able to group by color would be helpful to find the correct channel when swiping faders left to right. I found myself on occasion having fader 2 on the edge of the ipad instead of 1 causing me to grab the wrong input.

    A page that could show all 16 inputs even though the faders would be short they could be assigned to the left side of the screen when adjusted for a larger view. Hard to change ch 16 where my playbacks are when I need to change the presenters mic on 4.

    The last thing I noticed is when in graphic eq mode the back button is very near the eq on off button, frightening with my fat finger tendency.

    Thanks for reading and keep the innovation coming.

  8. Hi! Tanks 4 a just awesome piece of hw/sw.

    A couple of whishes…

    The ability to separate the iPad channel (ch17) into 2 MONO channels. This world be extreamly helpful when using an internal DAW (GarageBand, Auria) for backtracks/clicktracks.

    Link Aux sends into Stereo sends. And be able to choose which sends to have in Stereo and which to keep in MONO.

    Keep up Your fantastic work!

    All the best! Fredrik

  9. Hello I join the request to separate the stereo channel of a two mono channels ipad and I use soundtracks on my iPad and use one channel for the metronome and the other for the sequence and would be great to be able to route the metronome independently aux sends
    I’m fascinated with this great big mixer that detail is just what I see and my suggestion is keep it up with amazing products thanks greetings from Aguascalientes Mexico

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