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Mackie Announces My Fader Control App for DL Series Mixers

January 24, 2013

Mackie My Fader Control App
Control the mix onstage from your iPhone or iPod touch

My Fader - Mixer View

Aux Mix Control

There’s a powerful new control app on the way for the popular Mackie DL1608 and new DL806 Digital Live Sound MixersMy Fader. Based on the acclaimed user interface and workflow of the Master Fader iPad control app, My Fader provides the perfect set of features for on-stage performers controlling their own monitor mix. My Fader is also great for the FOH engineer who needs a handy tool that allows pocketable wireless control from anywhere in the venue.

My Fader - Access Control

Access Control

“Technology is nothing short of amazing,” commented Ben Olswang, Mackie Product Manager. “With a DL mixer, My Fader app and an iPhone, you’ve got a powerful digital mixer in hand that you can control from anywhere. This was not even a dream just a few years ago and now we’ve brought this power to a price point attainable by more users than ever possible before.”

My Fader allows control of DL Series mixers via Wi-Fi from a modern iPhone or iPod touch. Version 1.0 (available soon) features touch-friendly control over multiple input channels at once and an output selector for quick access to any mix. The addition of channel muting, detailed channel ID and metering and the inclusion of a master fader provide unmatched control for an iPhone

My Fader - Snapshot Recall

Snapshot Recall

mixer application. Plus, an access control feature can limit users to only control their assigned aux, keeping them away from other outputs. This is great for simple on-stage control of monitor mixes. Also unique is the ability to recall from any snapshots from the current show on the DL mixer. This is great for bands controlling the whole mix from the stage. With My Fader, DL mixer users benefit from the full power of a digital mixer with an easy-to-use application that fits right in their hand.

My Fader v1.0 will be available soon as free download directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. Like the Master Fader control app for the iPad, My Fader will see frequent updates that drastically increase the feature set.  For more information on My Fader, Master Fader and the DL1608/DL806 and to check system/device compatibility requirements visit www.mackie.com/DLSeries.

15 thoughts on “Mackie Announces My Fader Control App for DL Series Mixers

  1. Hey! Will it be avalible for android phones? Can you connect an ipad 4 to the DL 1608 with an adaptor?

  2. Hi Mackie,

    Really looking forward to My Fader, are you closer to a firm date to release?

    DL1608 is a great product, we have been working with the unit since the New Year.

    Many thanks,


  3. Sounds good, but I think a lot of your DL users are more interested in a Master Fader update (bugfixed and with some of the new user-requested features).
    Any anticipated deadline on a version 1.4?

  4. My fader could be installed on the iPad mini too? there’s any convertor to connect the iPad mini to the dl-1608?

    • No. My Fader is exclusive developed for the iPhone and iPod touch. The much more comprehensive Master Fader app can be used for the iPad mini. But, thanks to the access limiting features, you can lock down the iPad mini for monitor control and it will act just like My Fader does.

  5. Any update on the release date for the My Fader app? Our band needs all the help we can get!

  6. When release the master fader 1.4 , I have some gigs , and I want to use the new features

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