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June 27, 2008
rock the sound…sturgis bound: volume one


We will assume that you have heard of the massive motorcycle rally known as Sturgis. The vast majority of you who regularly wear leather chaps probably have also heard of The Buffalo Chip. No? OK, then…The Chip is four miles from downtown Sturgis, SD. It is a massive campground and is commonly referred to as the “best party anywhere”. The Chip consistently has the best Sturgis concerts and enjoys the…

June 17, 2008
Everything’s Bigger In Texas: July Sound Workshops

Fits and Starts Productions will be holding several HOW-TO Church Sound Workshops this July- five in Texas, one in D.C and one in Virginia. The HOW-TO Church Sound Workshops™ focus on both basic and advanced gear and techniques that will help your volunteer staff do a more effective job of running and recording your worship services. Whether you have a single pulpit microphone with speaker, or dozens of mics with a live band and choir, these hands-on workshops will help your volunteers get the best sound for…

June 11, 2008
Introducing The Mackie MixBusters!

It is common knowledge that Mackie products are Built-Like-A-Tank. However, there are those that may doubt the inherent robust-ness that makes a Mackie what it is.
The-Mackie-MixBusters!.jpgTo this end, meet the Mackie MixBusters!
You may notice that they resemble (but are legally distinct from) those other guys who bust things…

Watch as they pit the 802-VLZ3 against the competition in a no-holds-barred destruction challenge, suffering abuse that no mixer should.
Then, the FRS-2800 goes toe-to-toe with another popular power amp in an Extreme Performance Challenge. You will learn that specs are not always what…

June 1, 2008

d.4-Pro.jpgThe d.Pro Series is undeniably one of the most powerful DJ mixer series out there. Check out the latest reviews and see why the DJ community loves the d.2 Pro & d.4 Pro DJ Production Consoles.
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