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Adam DiTroia - Creatively Tracking with Tracktion

Cranking out ideas for the gaming, TV and film industries is a gig with its own unique set of challenges. It's a fast–paced environment where ideas need to flow fast and furiously, changes need to happen immediately, and precision is the name of the game. DiTroia Audio Creations, founded by namesake Adam DiTroia, has been cranking out music for games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant and Monster Mayhem, Taxi 3: Extreme Rush, WordWars, and a host of others, as well as a slew of indie films and national commercial spots.

DiTroia's Pennsylvania–based studio is stocked with "live" instruments like his trusty Telecaster, a selection of woodwinds, and an army of percussion toys, as well as a wide range of virtual synths and sound effects. Whether creating delicate textures on his bamboo flute or raucous loops by banging on the walls, he captures it all using Mackie's Tracktion 2 software.

"Tracktion fits right in with my fast paced world," DiTroia explains. "It helps me get ideas down quickly and manipulate sounds easily. I love the way you can drag different effects in by just clicking on them. And the program has a nice clean interface that really streamlines my workflow — it's easy to look at, without a lot of screen clutter."

Tracktion's import function is another feature DiTroia is particularly happy with. "I've got so many sounds and effects I've created over the years, and I can just drag stuff in and play around with it. The MIDI editor is simple and straightforward to use, and I never have to click through a bunch of windows to find what I want. Everything's right there in front of me, all the time."

In an industry where, as DiTroia quips, "people want things changed yesterday, but didn't tell you about it until today," Tracktion's flexibility is more than just a time saver. "I can save a file as MIDI, or save as audio, and everything saves with it effects, bussing, patches. That's great for when I need to call something back up and pick it up exactly as I left off. Tracktion takes the guesswork out of my work."


Tracktion 2


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